b'TheraTogs: Wear it, Live it, Learn it!ORTHOPEDIC BRACINGn Neuromotor, postural, mobility, and balance PDAC issuesAPPROVED TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body SystemThis classic system improves postural alignment and stability, and addresses the greatest variety of functional alignment and movement issues. Designed for children with complex neuromotor disorders, the Full Body System enables a limitless variety of integrated trunk and upper nAlignment and or lower extremity functional deviations applications.of lower extremitiesSPINAL BRACINGTheraTogs ULTRA nBenefits of PTA, Full Body, and Lower ExtremityLower Extremity systems in aSystem addresses alignment and functional deviations of the hip,familiar, easy-to-use designknee, and developing femurs; also supports hip orTheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System is a trunk stability. Used for in-toed/out-toed gait, pelviccustomizable, comfortable foam-lined, VELCRO-tilt, genu varum, genu valgum, and LE alignmentsensitive garment and strapping system that issues caused by ligament laxity.improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core Indications: Gait dysfunction or deficitInternal/for critical infant growth months. Grip-lined elastic external rotationKnee hyperextensionScissoring Indications: Motor skills deficitTBIScissoring in stancestraps operate like external muscles and ligaments or windblown gaitPost-op rehab or gaitProximal limb and joint controlTrunk/shoulderto improve trunk alignment and stabilize the core. Diagnoses: Cerebral palsySpastic diplegiaStroke instabilityFlexible kyphosis or lordosisPost-op rehab Familiar, easy-to-use onesie design for increasedGenu varum/genu valgum Diagnoses: Cerebral palsySpina bifidaStrokecompliance. Embedded closure tabs eliminate Order using Sizing Chart on p. 76.KyphosisMultiple sclerosis loose tabs. Limb Kit with cuffs and strapping is Order using Sizing Chart on p. 76. also sold separately.Suggested code: A9270Indications: HypotoniaDiplegic Cerebral PalsyLOWER EXTREMITY SYSTEMFULL BODY SYSTEMHemiplegic Cerebral PalsyTorticollisAthetosisSIZEITEM #PRICE SIZEITEM #PRICE Cerebellar AtaxiaObstetrical Brachial Plexus Injury INFANT#66473$650.75 ea INFANT#52410$794.00 ea (OBPI)Developmental DelayPRE-SCHOOL#66474$653.00 ea PRE-SCHOOL#52411$896.75 ea Order using Wunzi Sizing Chart below.PEDIATRIC#66475$653.00 ea PEDIATRIC#52412$896.75 eaWUNZI SYSTEMSMALL ADULT#66476$754.00 ea SMALL ADULT#52413$1,137.00 eaSIZEITEM #PRICE WMNS, M#66478$848.75 ea WMNS, M#52414$1,450.00 ea XXS#66761$265.75 eaWMNS, L#66479$848.75 ea WMNS, L#52416$1,364.75 ea XS#66762$265.75 eaMENS, M#66481$848.75 ea MENS, M#52417$1,364.75 ea S#66763$332.75 eaFAX800.437.2966MENS, L#66482$848.75 ea MENS, L#52419$1,364.75 ea M#66764$332.75 eaMENS, XL#66483$962.00 ea MENS, XL#52420$1,535.75 ea L#66765$332.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. LIMB KIT, S#66766$220.75 eaLIMB KIT, L#66767$244.75 eaDynamic strapping material California residents, see left page. Sizing: Torso Length: Measure down back from C-7 (big AliMed.com 800.225.2610bone at the bottom of the neck) over the diaper and up to n Replicates functioning muscle the navel. Belly Girth: Measure circumference at the navel. TogRiteis the dynamic strapping materialWUNZI SIZING CHARTwith strong, elastic rebound that replicatesTORSOBELLY functioning muscle. The unique backing grips theSIZEAGE (MO.)WT. (LBS)LENGTHGIRTHbody or TheraTogs garments to maintain stretch and resist migration with superior rebound andXXS0-37-1216"16"recovery properties. Available in multiple widths.XS3-612-1720"17"Not made with natural rubber latex. 10 yds. S 6-1217-1822"18"M12-1818-2124"20"#5256511 2 "W$150.75 eaL 18-2421-2627"21"#524642"W$164.75 ea LIMB KIT#524683"W$209.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. S 0-121-18L 12-2418-26Note: Sale of TheraTogs products outside of the United States is prohibited.77'