b'Body PositionersREHAB POSITIONERSTurtle domenChoose degree of incline Net swing with rope and Tumble Forms2 Deluxe Strap Wedgesascender n For early intervention programsinclude two movable, adjustable straps thatTumble Forms2 Tadpole Positioners for BODY POSITIONERSprovide added flexibility for proper positioninginfants and toddlers up to age 3 with cerebral palsy while supporting the child gently but firmly forand other motor delays/dysfunctions. Place child optimal comfort. Wipeable vinyl coating withScooter withantimicrobial protection. Not made with naturalT-stool attachment in prone with half roll and two lateral supports to rubber latex. promote active body extension, head flexion, chest nVestibular stimulation and elevation, and forward propping for mid-line hand- 20"W x 22"LINCLINE sensory integration therapy touching. Use the base wedge modulars together #PC2779A4"H8$1,016.00 ea Tumble Forms2 Deluxe Turtle Therapyfor seating activities. Side-lying positions facilitate #PC2779B6"H12.5$466.75 ea SystemsDesigned for vestibular stimulation andcontrol of lateral head and trunk movements. Prop24"W x 28"LINCLINE sensory integration therapy. Includes a rockingthe base to position child for improved respiration #PC2779C8"H 12.5$463.75 ea Turtle dome, padded scooter, T-stool attachment,or place a log roll under base for vestibular activities. Mirror stand (included) encourages #PC2779D 10"H 20$569.75 ea net swing with rope and ascender, and methodschilds curiosity. Includes log roll, half roll, wedge, #PC2779E12"H 22.5$602.75 ea manual. Padded scooter with height-adjustabletray with mirror, and carrying case. Washable vinyl California residents, see left page. T-stool leg attachment is designed for balancingcoating with antimicrobial protection. Not made and extension activities. Wipeable vinyl coatingwith natural rubber latex.with antimicrobial protection. Not made withBase: 19"W x 34"LLog roll: 8"W x 29"L x 4"HHalf roll: natural rubber latex. 4"W x 18"L x 2"HWedge: 17"W x 18"LMirror: 12"W x 250-lb. capacity7"H x 8"D31 lbs.#PC2882$1,721.00 ea #3215$2,340.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Sensory motor skills development Hook-and-loopstrap for security AliMed.com 800.225.2610Tumble Forms2 Jettmobilefor sensory motor skills development helps develop neck,n Two-wedge system for proper supinen Vary positioning elevationshoulder, and arm muscle coordination while theand prone positioning child advances in an extension position. BallTumble Forms2BiForm Wedges act like casters are safely concealed by protective fenders.Tumble Forms2 Adolescent Thera-Wedgetwo wedges in one. Flip wedge to either side to Comes with removable positioning shapes andSystemsTwo-wedge system provides dynamicvary elevation by 2". Side walls offer lateral support abductor wedge with hook-and-loop strips, and hiptherapy and proper prone and supine positioningand keep arms forward. Hook-and-loop straps positioning strap. Wipeable vinyl coating withfor adolescents and small adults. Use two wedgessecure position.antimicrobial protection. Not made with naturaltogether to help break extensor patterns and relax 18"W x 22"LSIDE 1/SIDE 2INSIDEPRICErubber latex. clients into a flexion pattern. Includes one double- #PC2805A4"H/6"H12"W$373.75 eaChild: Accommodates child up to 40" tall125-lb.sided 17"L contoured wedge with ankle drop-off,#PC2805B8"H/10"H12"W$493.75 eacapacity22 lbs.Adolescent: Accommodatesone double-sided 12"L contoured wedge, two wrap adolescent up to 60" tall200-lb. capacity28 lbs.straps, and one abductor module. Wipeable vinyl 22"W x 26"LSIDE 1/SIDE 2INSIDEPRICE#3837CHILD, 28"L$1,016.75 ea coating with antimicrobial protection. Not made#PC2805C6"H/8"H14"W$534.75 ea#3838ADOLESCENT, 38"L $1,106.00 ea with natural rubber latex.#PC2805D10"H/12"H14"W$590.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#PC2799A$2,490.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.37'