b'Arch/Forefoot PadsFOOT ORTHOTICSSIZE3 PR/PK12 PR/CSXS, 5 16 "H#6405#640512S, 3 8 "H#6406#640612M, 7 16 "H#6407#640712 SIZE1 PR12 PR/CSL, 1 2 "H#6408#640812 S, 5 16 "H#64081#6408112XL, 9 16 "H#6409#640912 nAdditional medial M, 5 16 "H#64082#6408212n Support for longitudinal and $28.75 pk$96.00 cs arch support L, 5 16 "H#64083#6408312metatarsal arches in one ($9.58 pr)($8.00 pr) Scaphoid Pads give extra medial$15.25 pr$120.00 csLongitudinal Metatarsal ArchSIZE1 PR12 PR/CS arch support when used with another($10.00 pr)Pads combine both metatarsal andPEDI, 1 8 "H#66498 insert. Use in any shoe when moreSIZE1 PR12 PR/CSscaphoid pads in one easy-to-fitPEDI, 3 16 "H#66499 support is desired. Adhesive back. PEDI, 1 4 "H#66501#6650112support. Comfort and correctionPEDI, 1 4 "H#66500 Sizing: S, Wmns 5-81 2 , Mens 5-81 2 ; M,$11.00 pr$102.00 csfor pes valgus planus problems.$11.00 prWmns 9+, Mens 9-11; L, Mens 111 2 +;($8.50 pr)ARCH/FOREFOOT PADS Adhesive back. California residents, see below. Pediatric, one size. California residents, see below.SIZE1 PR12 PR/CSSIZE1 PR12 PR/CS S, 5 16 "H#60634#60634125 M, 5 16 "H#60635#6063512WMNS,16 "H#64299#6429912 55 nReduce pressure L,16 "H#60636#6063612nWider, distributes pressure MENS,16 "H#60759#6075912 on ball of foot $14.25 pr$121.75 csacross entire metatarsal arch$13.25 pr$120.00 cs ($10.15 pr)($10.00 pr) Metatarsal Bars are placed proximal Metatarsal CookiesTraditionalPEDI, 1 4 "H#66502#6650212 to metatarsal heads to unload pressureSIZE1 PR12 PR/CSmetat arsal cushion. More comfortable$11.00 pr$119.75 cs across metatarsal arch. Adhesive back. PEDI, 1 4 "H#66503 for E- to EEE-width feet. Adhesive($9.98 pr) Sizing: S, Wmns 51 2 -91 2 ; M, Wmns 10+,$11.00 prback. California residents, see below. Mens 7-11; L, Mens 111 2 +; Pediatric, one size. California residents, see below.High-Quality Materials, Better Finished ProductsFAX800.437.2966 Discover the right material for any challenge.AliMed offers a vast array of materials and configurations to create or modify orthotics, splints,and prosthetics. Featuring high-quality construction and design, our selection includes productsfor cushioning, shear reduction, and custom fabrication for a wide range of applications.800.225.2610AliMed.comFabrication Padding Lining PostingDetails, pp. 51-57California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 50 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'