b'Finger SplintsWrist SupportsORTHOPEDIC BRACINGOne splint treats many common finger injuriesOval-8 Pediatric Splints Kits Wrist Supportcontain three each of sizes 3-7, instructions, and case. Refills available. Not recommended for childrenOval-8 Splints Kits contain 44 Oval-8 Splints, under 4 duesizes 2-15; penlight; instructions; and carrying case. Wrist Support withto choking hazard. Includes penlight to helpRefills for case sold separately. Also available in Abducted Thumb illuminate splint size etched into the band. Graduated Sets to ensure the right fit and #51883$112.00 kit accommodate changes in finger swelling and Combo Sets for clinics that want a range of sizes.California residents, see left page.WRIST AND HANDn Mild wrist and thumb injuries Kit includes: (1) Sz 2; (2) Sz 3; (2) Sz 4; (4) Sz 5; (5) Sz 6;(5) Sz 7; (5) Sz 8; (5) Sz 9; (4) Sz 10; (3) Sz 11; (3) Sz 12;FREEDOMAluminum stay(2) Sz 13; (2) Sz 14; (1) Sz 15.Pediatricsewn into braceOVAL-8 SPLINTS KITWrist Supports #51881$248.75 kitare best for wrist instabilities, strains, INDIVIDUAL SPLINT/REFILL PACK, SIZES 2-15sprains, and arthritis.#51884*INDIVIDUAL SPLINT$17.00 eaAbducted Thumb#51885*5 SPLINTS/pk$40.75 pkstyle is recommended OVAL-8 GRADUATED SETfor mild wrist and#525521 EA SIZE 2, 3, 4$26.75 setthumb injuries where immobilization is#525531 EA SIZE 4, 5, 6$26.75 setneeded to promote healing. Circumferential#525541 EA SIZE 6, 7, 8$26.75 setadjustable wrist strap provides compression forOval-8 Sizing Sets allow you to easily#525551 EA SIZE 8, 9, 10$26.75 setwrist immobilization. Nonremovable aluminumdetermine accurate splint size. Sets contain#525561 EA SIZE 10, 11, 12$26.75 setstay supports and positions wrist in extension.14 finger splints (one of each size). Each#525571 EA SIZE 13, 14, 15$26.75 set18 "-thick double-sided neoprene with nylon coverBlack splint incorporates both a whole and half size, OVAL-8 COMBO SETSizing: Measure wrist circumference. 3XS, 2"-3"; depending on how it is applied to finger. #527451 EA SIZE 2, 3, 4, 5, 6$40.00 setXXS, 3"-4"; XS, 4"-5"; S, 5"-6". Includes penlight to help illuminate splint size#527461 EA SIZE 5, 6, 7, 8, 9$40.00 setetched into the band. #527471 EA SIZE 8, 9, 10, 11, 12$40.00 set#52518WRIST SUPPORT$21.75 ea#52519w/ABDUCTED THUMB $27.75 ea #51882$60.75 set #527481 EA SIZE 11, 12, 13, 14, 15$40.00 setSpecify size and Left or Right.California residents, see left page. *Specify size. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.n Unimpeded finger functionFREEDOM Wrist Supports immobilize the wrist FAX800.437.2966not the hand, fingers, or thumbwhile providing gentle compression. Finger function is unimpeded because the palmarUSA Shortportion of the splint does not cross the distal palmar crease.Wide, adjustable stay comfortably supports wrist in 30 of wrist extension. Unique elastic offers two varying degrees of compression, which is tighter in the wrist and less restrictive in theAliMed.com 800.225.2610hand. Elastic fabric gives a glove-like fit, wicks moisture away from the skin, and is completely washable (with stay removed). PerfectShort Elasticfor sprains and strains, weakness, or for joint protection after cast removal. Hook-and-loop closures. Short style applies greater n Breathable knit support to the wrist, giving hand more freedom to move. Long Wrist Compression Sleeves help reducestyle with long forearm length optimally distributes pressure and edema and discomfort by offering supporthand weight without restricting hand function for all-day comfort.Long Elasticand promoting circulation in hand and wrist. Fits SIZINGUSA SHORT (RED/BLUE)SHORT ELASTIC (BEIGE)LONG ELASTIC (BEIGE)left or right. Not made with natural rubber latex.(MEASURE WRIST CIRC.)LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTSeamless, lightweight, breathable knit elasticXXS0"-412"#5729#5728 Reinforced thumb holeWashableWhiteXS412"-512"#5161*#5161*#5761 #5760#5731 #5730Sizing: S fits petite Wmn or adolescents; M fits small S512"-612"#5161*#5161*#5763#5762#5733#5732Wmn; L fits average Wmn and smaller Men; XL fits Men.M612"-714"#5161*#5161*#5764#5765#5734#5735#51389$13.75 eaL714"-8"#5161*#5161*#5766#5767#5736#5737Specify size. XL8"-834"#5738#5739California residents, see left page.$26.75 ea$26.75 ea$27.75 ea*Specify size and Left or Right. California residents, see left page. 69'