b"AssessmentSPEECH AND LANGUAGECDPediatric Feeding Disorders: EvaluationThe Rossetti Infant-Toddler LanguageRoss Information Processing and Treatment, Edited by Kelly VanDahm Scale, Louis RossettiWorld-renownedAssessmentPrimary (RIPA-P), Deborah Brings together 14 leading clinicians, the latestscale identifies preverbal and verbal languageRoss-SwainHelps identify and quantify research, and interdisciplinary perspectives ondevelopment problems in infants to three-year- information processing skill impairments in ASSESSMENT pediatric feeding disorders. Provides a foundationalolds and provides essential information to earlychildren ages 5 to 12. Use all eight subtests or knowledge base of typical feeding and swallowingintervention team members. Assesses Interaction- only those applicable to assess a wide range of development from expert perspectives: Attachment, Pragmatics, Gesture, Play, Languageinformation processing skills. Allows examiner to Furnishes knowledge of atypical feeding andComprehension, and Language Expression.quantify cognitive-linguistic deficits, determineswallowing patterns and related issues Behaviors can be directly elicited from the child,severity levels for each skill area, and develop Provides comprehensive information ondirectly observed, or reported by parent orrehabilitation goals and objectives for clients.assessing infants and children with feeding andcaregiver to credit the childs performance. ResultsProvides quantifiable data for profiling 10 key areas swallowing disorders reflect the childs mastery of skills at three-monthbasic to communicative and cognitive functioning. intervals across developmental domains tested.Quantifies cognitive-linguistic deficits, determines Facilitates treatment of these disorders by providing practical, hands-on informationParent Questionnaire and report questions are inseverity levels for each, and helps develop goals Presents information about the advancedEnglish and Spanish. Discussion of Performanceand objectives. Scores are valuable for creatingpractice of working within the neonatal intensivesection helps to make relevant recommendationstreatment-planning goals. care unitfor remediation.Contains: Examiner's Manual, 25 record and profile/375 pages, softcover Contains: Examiners manual, parent questionnaire (insummary forms, storage box #83440$77.75 ea English and Spanish on CD), 15 test forms #82046$215.75 kitCalifornia residents, see below. #83148$165.00 kit California residents, see below.California residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966CDEvaluation and Treatment of PediatricThe Early Intervention Kit, Nancy B. Swigert Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Feeding Disorders, Cheri Fraker and LauraEffectively address assessment, intervention, andTestThird Edition (REEL-3), Kenneth R. Walbert Valuable strategies outlining exactly whatdocumentation for prelinguistic skills, speech andBzoch, Richard League, and Virginia L. Brown800.225.2610AliMed.com to do with children who aspirate or have feedinglanguage development, and sound production forDesigned to help identify infants and toddlers 0 to aversion and refusals, behavioral feeding problems,children ages 0 to 3. Includes a Therapy Guide3 years who have language impairments or other and digestive disorders. Covers infants withthat covers information on assessment, goals,disabilities that affect language development. varied appetites, and offers step-by-step methodstreatment, and documentation. Activities Book hasEspecially useful as an assessment and planning to improve bottle, breast, cup, spoon, and self- more than 200 activities that address prelinguisticinstrument for Early Childhood Intervention feeding skills. Bonus medical reference guide, asskills, receptive language, expressive language,programs. Includes two core subtests (receptive well as photographs of positioning techniques,and sound production in a developmentaland expressive language) and supplementary use of equipment, and much more. Addressessequence. Educational handouts supplementsubtest, Inventory of Vocabulary Words. Results feeding problems associated with cerebral palsy,teaching and can be printed from the CD. Signare obtained through an individual caregiver tracheostomy, tubes, autism, cancer, cleft lip andLanguage Cards include vocabulary words, theinterview of 20 minutes.palate, GERD, and failure to thrive.alphabet, and numbers 1-10.Contains: Examiner's manual, 25 profile/examiner 265 pages, softcover Contains: 183-page therapy guide, 187-page activitiesrecord booklets #82201$115.00 ea book, CD, 88 sign language cards, vinyl folder #82036$181.75 kitCalifornia residents, see below. #83134$92.75 kit California residents, see below.California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 86 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov."