b'IMAGING/SURGICAL POSITIONERSSingle-Use Foam Positioners or Reusable Vinyl-CoveredDesigned to reduce the risk of cross- Single-Usecontamination, AliMed Single-Use3 cutoutsFoam Positioners are ideal for use during surgical and imaging procedures.Available in Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to4 heightsmeet your patient\'s needs. 7"W10"L12 12 12 1 2 Adjustable Head DonutsCustomize the size of center cutout to meet a range ofSmall RectanglesProvide support and positioning needs. Select from a solid surface orprotection to the head and neck. Also use to remove i nserts to widen center cutout. 36/cs. protect heel area. Colors may vary.Ideal for short proceduresEconomical 7"W x 10"L(Up to 2 hrs.) 9"W x 10"L x 1"HIncludes 3 cutouts: 214"W x 214"L 314"W x 4"L334"W x 5"L #91-2461"H$17.75 eaSpecifically designed for use in radiology and#95-549$126.00 cs #9317172"H$18.75 eathe O.R., our Radiolucent Blue Vinyl-CoveredAdditional shipping charges may apply.#91-3503"H$19.75 eaSINGLE-USE FOAMREUSABLE FOAM and Conductive Black Vinyl-Covered FoamCalifornia residents, see below. #91-3494"H$23.75 eaPositioners are easy to clean and featureCalifornia residents, see below.water-resistant seams strategically located on positioner edges to limit artifact interference.Head Donuts Small15 WedgeProtect the head,Wedges neck, and ears. Offloadsavailable in 15 pressure from occipitaland 20 a ngles protrusion to protect the6" diam. shown are versatile and patient from pressureeasy to handle. Easy to clean Water-resistantAntifungal andinjuries and possible blindness. Recommended forLower angles are ideal for positioning the lower seams Antibacterial supine, lateral, and lithotomy positions. Also use totorso and pelvis for imaging. Colors may vary.protect knees in prone. All styles are radiolucent and flame-retardant.Pediatric: 112"H x 6" diam.Adult: 112"H x 9" diam. #9-00215, 11"W x 7"L x 3"H$18.00 eaConvenient Sets for both Single-Use and#93172420, 11"W x 7"L x 4"H$28.00 eaReusable Vinyl-Covered Foam Positioners at #95-546PEDIATRIC, 36/cs $68.75 cs #93172220, 81 2 "W x 10"L x 3"H$30.75 eaAliMed.com/foam-positioners. #95-547ADULT, 24/cs $68.00 cs California residents, see below.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see below.Reusable Vinyl-CoveredHead DiscsHead DonutsProtect the head, neck, and ears. OffloadsIdeal for use pressure from occipital protrusion to protect the patient fromduring shorter pressure injuries and possible blindness. Recommended for supine,procedures. Provides lateral, and lithotomy positions. Also use to protect knees in prone.balanced pressure FAX800.437.2966 Black Vinyl only. distribution to back 6" diam., shown1 2 1 2 of head.in Blue VinylS: 1"H x 6" diam.L: 1"H x 9" diam. 9" diam. shown,1 12 "H x 6" diam.#930484S$42.75 ea Black Vinyl only #95-681L$48.75 ea #9-676BLUEVINYL$48.75 ea California residents, see below. #931712BLACKVINYL$47.75 eaCalifornia residents, see below.800.225.2610AliMed.com 20 Wedge Small Wedges available in 15 and 20shown in Available in angles are versatile and easy to handle.Blue Vinyl 4 heightsLower angles are ideal for positioning the lower7"Wtorso and pelvis for imaging.10"LSmall RectanglesProvide support and protection to the head and neck. Also use toBLUE VINYLBLACK VINYL protect heel area. Choose from 1"H, 2"H (Blue Vinyl #9-67315, 11"W x 7"L x 3"H$41.75 ea #93171315, 11"W x 7"L x 3"H$53.75 ea only), 3"H, and 4"H.#93172320, 812"W x 10"L x 3"H$54.75 ea #930795 20, 812"W x 10"L x 3"H$54.75 ea#9-67420, 11"W x 7"L x 4"H$48.75 ea #95-15220, 11"W x 7"L x 4"H$61.00 eaHEIGHTBLUE VINYLBLACK VINYLCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below. 1"#91-351$44.75 ea#931701$53.75 ea2"#9-675$48.75 ea 3"#91-353$49.75 ea#931703$57.75 eaCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement 4"#91-354$49.75 ea#931704$63.75 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to theCalifornia residents, see at left.8 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'