b'Cervical CollarsORTHOPEDIC BRACINGn Moisture-wicking liner minimizesskin breakdown, restricts motionPDAC Aspen Cervical Collars wick moisture while shell APPROVED distributes head weight to shoulders and upper thorax. Fits upright or supine patients.Front and back airflow openings. Adjustable Occipital Support Strapallows customized fit. Includes a breathable pad set (front and back) and extra set of replacement pads.Sizing: Pediatric, select appropriate age and measure neck circumference (see chart below). Age guideline based on normal growth and development. Adult, measure from top of shoulder to bottom of chin and neck circumference (see chart below); nHeat-moldable Kydex shell with PEDIATRIC AGE NECK CIRC.ITEM #height-adjustable sections TOT1-3111 2 "-13"#62406Malibu Cervical CollarsMade with aCHILD SHORT2-512"-141 2 "#62404lightweight, heat-moldable Kydex shell withCHILD REG.3-613"-16"#62405SPINAL BRACINGsoft, closed-cell foam liner, and trachea opening.$108.75 setProvides rigid support to help control flexion,TOP OFextension, and rotation. Adjust height of anteriorSHOULDERNECK Chin cradle and posterior sections independently. Includes ADULTTO CHINCIRC.ITEM # reduces two chin pads. Made of non-ferrous materials.ADULT SHORT 5 8 "13"-21"#62396 rotationIndicated for cervical spine trauma, post-cervicalADULT REG.5 8 "-11 4 "13"-21"#62397spine surgery, spinal stenosis, degenerativeADULT TALL11 4 "-17 8 "13"-21"#62398disorders, muscular injuries, and arthritis. ADULT X-TALL 17 8 "13"-21"#62399Pediatric: 2"H-3"HAdult: 3"H-5"H $108.75 setSizing: Measure neck circumference. Pediatric, 8"-11"; REPLACEMENT PAD SETAdult, 12"-17";#62400ASPEN ADULT$42.75 set#66790PEDIATRIC$120.00 ea #62409ASPEN PEDIATRIC$42.75 set#66789ADULT$120.00 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.Aspen Collar Replacement Back Panels at Suggested code: L0200 AliMed.com/aspen-cervical-collars.htmln Compatible with imaging modalitiesMiami J Cervical Collars offer features SIZEITEM #PRICE that enhance compliance and help speedMIAMI JR #52537* $102.75 earecovery while ensuring immobilization,SUPER SHORT/KYPHOTIC (200S)#52160 $102.75 ea 2-piece for more inhibition of skin breakdown, and patientaccurate sizingcomfort. Sorbatex padding is antibacterialSTOUT (200L)#52161 $102.75 eaand clinically proven to inhibit microbialXS (250)#52162 $102.75 eaFAX800.437.2966growth. Bioengineered to minimize pressureTALL (500)#52163 $102.75 eapoints in chin, occiput, trapezius, and clavicle.REGULAR (400)#52164 $102.75 eaPhenotype-driven sizing to assure properSHORT (300)#52165 $102.75 eafit and optimum immobilization. Comfort REPLACEMENT PAD SETadjustment buttons for occiput and mandible,ADULT#52504**$32.75 earemovable sternal pad for supine and*Specify pediatric size: P0, 0-6 months; swallowing.AliMed.com 800.225.2610P1, 6 months-2 yrs.; P2, 2-6 yrs.; P3, 6-12 yrs. Sizing: Phenotype-driven sizing system.**Adult: specify size, see chart above.Antibacterial Sorbatex (Refer to chart below.)California residents, see left page. pads protect skin during extended wearSIZING:#52160 #52161 #52162 #52163 #52164 #52165Phenotype-driven sizing system makes size selection simple while drastically reducing margin of error in fitting a patient. Each collar has a bioengineered front with a specific back designed to work together for superior immobilization.75'