b'Rehab SeatingREHAB POSITIONERS Modular Feeding SystemsFloor Sitter3-Piece Mobile Floor SitterDeluxe FeederFloorMobile Seat Sitter Floor Sittern Waterproof coating for easy cleaning nWashable vinylcoating withSkillbuilders Modular Feeding SystemsFloor Sitterantimicrobial protectionREHAB SEATING allow for basic Feeder Seat to transform into Floor orWedge Tumble Forms2 FeederMobile Sitter. Seat has built-in abductor, contouredSeat Systems aid with feeding interior for correct seating posture, and a safetyor for use as an alternative to harness. Seat is secured to the wedge with hook- wheelchairs or standers. Feeder and-loop fasteners and can be adjusted from uprightFeeder Seatto reclining position. Floor Sitter includes FeederSeat is easy to get the child Seat and Floor Sitter Wedge (both also soldin an out of and allows good basic positioning separately, below). 3-Piece Mobile Floor Sitterwithout complicated adjustments. Includes a includes Seat, Floor Sitter Wedge, and platform-styleMobile Base shoulder harness with 4" of vertical adjustment to wood Mobile Base (also sold separately, below)accommodate infants through adolescents, pelvic belt with casters and pull strap, allowing child to be 3-PIECE MOBILE FLOOR SITTER and quick-release H-belt to help maintain positioning, moved without repositioning. Feeder Seat and Floor (SEAT, WEDGE BASE, MOBILE BASE) contoured interior with 90 seat angle for postural-Sitter Wedge are made of molded foam with integral#30-1090S$625.75 ea correct seating, and built-in anti-thrust seat for pelvic waterproof coating for easy cleaning. Optional#30-1091M$695.75 ea stability (for Small and Medium models only). Deluxe washable Cover available for Feeder Seat.#30-1092L$931.75 ea Floor Sitter includes Feeder Seat and Wedge Base Sizing: S fits child up to 36" tall and 20-40 lbs.; M fits child#30-1093XL$1,960.00 ea with hook-and-loop strips to hold the child in either 37"-48" tall and 30-60 lbs.; L fits child 49"-60" tall and WEDGE BASE ONLYan upright or reclining position for various activities 50-100 lbs.; XL fits child 61"-72" tall and 60-120 lbs. (Feeder Seat and Wedge Base also sold separately, #30-1085FITS S, M, OR L FEEDER SEAT$273.75 ea below). Mobile Floor Sitter includes Feeder Seat andFEEDER SEAT ONLY#30-1086FITS XL FEEDER SEAT$763.75 ea Mobile Base and is ideal for children who are unable #30-1070S$302.75 eaMOBILE BASE ONLYto ambulate, permitting movement without the #30-1071M$399.00 ea need for repositioning. Washable vinyl coating with #30-1095FITS S, M, OR L FEEDER SEAT$263.75 ea antimicrobial protection. Not made with natural rubber #30-1072L$538.75 ea #30-1096FITS XL FEEDER SEAT$319.75 ea latex. Optional washable Cozzee Cover for Feeder #30-1074XL$924.75 eaCOVER (NOT SHOWN)Seat also available (XL only).FLOOR SITTER (SEAT AND WEDGE BASE)#30-1075S$85.75 ea Mobile Base: M and L models are made of wood with #30-1080S$436.00 ea #30-1076M$94.75 ea antimicrobial washable vinyl coating; XL is made of steel FAX800.437.2966 #30-1081M$506.00 ea #30-1077L$105.75 ea tubing#30-1082L$737.75 ea #30-1078XL$129.75 ea Sizing: S fits hips up to 734"W and heights up to 36"; M fits #30-1083XL$1,685.75 ea California residents, see below. hips up to 9"W and heights up to 48"; L fits hips up to 121 2 "W California residents, see below.and heights up to 60"; XL fits hips up to 15"W and heights up to 72".n Includes 10 positionersFEEDER SEAT ONLY #3824S$377.75 ea800.225.2610AliMed.com Tumble Forms2 Deluxe Square Module#3825M$472.75 eaSeating SystemsDesigned to support and position#3826L$615.00 eachildren with neurological impairments and is ideal for#31921XL$1,048.75 eaa variety of settings. Includes 10 positioners: one box DELUXE FLOOR SITTER (SEAT AND WEDGE BASE)seat, two long rectangles, two short rectangles, two triangles, two round disks, and one ring. Wipeable vinyl#3828M$632.75 eacoating with antimicrobial protection. Not made with#3829L$749.75 eanatural rubber latex.#3379XL$1,443.75 eaSeat: 20"W x 20"L x 11"H (cut-out diam.: 11")Long MOBILE FLOOR SITTER (SEAT AND MOBILE BASE)rectangle: 512"W x 1612"L x 3"HShort rectangle: 512"W x#3832M$848.75 ea1112"L x 3"HTriangle: 11"W x 15"L x 3"HDisk: 3"H x 11"#3833L$1,013.75 eadiam.Ring: 3"H x 1612"O.D. x 11"I.D. #31923XL$1,496.75 ea#PC2797$1,088.75 eaWEDGE BASE ONLY California residents, see below. #3830FITS S, M, OR L FEEDER SEAT$343.75 ea#PC4542YFITS XL FEEDER SEAT$651.75 ea COZZEE COVER (NOT SHOWN) California Proposition 65 Statement #31922XL$185.75 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 38 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. California residents, see at left.'