b'AliPlast for fabrication of custom orthotics and soft splintsMATERIALSAliPlastAliPlast AliPlast AliPlast AliPlastAliPlast AliPlast The AliPlast family is an assortment AliPlastof cross-linked polyethylene foams. TheStick), Off-White 4E, White 6A, White 6A, Buff10, White 10, BuffXPE, Ivoryfive types of AliPlast vary in firmness2E, (Quick and stiffness to satisfy a broad range of orthotic applications. AliPlast 2E and AliPlast 4E are excellent for padding and cushioning splints and casts. AliPlast 6A and AliPlast 10 are effective for foot orthotics and many types ofAliPlast 2E (Quick Stick) X-Softhand splints. AliPlast XPE, the firmest grade,Soft, adhesive-backed padding. Use for splint and strap padding, as well as tool and utensil buildups.is well-suited for posting orthoses and for building long-lasting, functional foot supports. SheetsRolls ALIPLASTAll AliPlast foams are heat-moldable,THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICEwith an impervious, smooth surface. All are3 16 " OFF-WHITEN/A18" x 25\'#4178$66.75 rlwashable, lightweight polyethylene foams in*Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.successively firmer durometers. For full specifications and helpful fabrication tips, visit AliMed.com/aliplast. AliPlast 4E SoftMedium-soft grade. Use for splint and cast padding and resting splint liners.SheetsRollsMolding is simple!THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICEW x LITEM #PRICE1 8 " WHITE30" x 36"#4400$14.75 sh30" x 120\'#4405$247.75 rlAliPlast softens in just minutes when heated1 4 " WHITE30" x 36"#4401$19.25 sh30" x 80\'#4406$346.75 rl(oven temp. 250 to 300F). Heating time3 16 " WHITE30" x 36"#41043$17.75 sh30" x 100\'#4392$346.75 rldepends on material thickness. When heated,1 2 " WHITE30" x 36"#4403$41.75 sh N/AAliPlast can mold and form around any shape.1 8 " SELF-STICK18" x 24"#41100$20.25 sh N/AWhen cool, its original cushioning and rigidity*Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.are regained. Softer varieties can be molded directly to the body. Firmer varieties, such as AliPlast XPE, are better molded first to a plasterAliPlast 6A Mediumcast to avoid danger of burns. When surfacesMedium grade. Use for foot orthotic top coats, nonrigid splints, and body jacket liners.of two heated pieces are brought together, a permanent bond will result. AliPlast canSheetsRollsbe vacuum-formed and is auto-adhesive. Its THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICEW x LITEM #PRICEpolyolefin base creates a uniquely durable bond1 8 " WHITE24" x 29"#4410$23.75 sh29" x 811 3 \'#4407$303.00 rlwith polyethylene or polypropylene. It can be1 4 " WHITE24" x 291 2 "#4411$32.75 sh N/Aused to adhere these difficult-to-bond materials1 1FAX800.437.2966together, saving considerable time and effort 8 " BUFF24" x 31 2 "#4380$26.75 sh N/Awhen forming orthotics. AliPlast will shrink*Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.along the grain when heated, and its thickness increases. To compensate for shrinkage, stretchAliPlast 10 Firmthe material during molding. Firm grade, resilient. Use for semirigid foot orthotics and splint shells.SheetsRolls AliMed.com 800.225.2610Use convectionTHICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICEW x LITEM #PRICEovens for heating1 8 " WHITE24" x 291 2 "#4454$29.25 sh30" x 40\'#4455$345.75 rlAliPlast1 8 " BUFF25" x 30"#4415$31.50 sh30" x 40\'#4414$345.75 rlp. 54 *Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.CAUTION: Use a convection oven for heatingAliPlast XPE X-FirmAliPlast to minimize risk of overheating. A toaster or radiant-type heater can overheatFirmest grade, abrasion-resistant, lightweight. Use for custom insoles, posting orthoses, and rigid splints.surface. When overheated, surface can causeSheets onlysevere burns. THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE3" IVORY29" x 32"#4815$35.75 sh*Standard ground shipping on sheets only. 16Rolls (except AliPlast 2E) and large volumes may38 "IVORY29" x 32"#4816$53.75 shrequire additional oversize freight charges.916 " IVORY29" x 32"#4817$71.75 shCalifornia residents, see left page.53'