b'Table of ContentsnPositioning Straps nPatient Safety(contd.) nOrthopedic Bracing(contd.)AliStrap 2 Fall Risk Identifiers .34 Hip Orthoses .68AliStrap Soft 3 Protective Headgear .35 Finger Splints.69Custom Straps and Positioners 4 nRehab Positioners Wrist Supports 69Table Straps 5 Body Positioners 36 Hand/Wrist/Thumb Orthoses 70nImaging/Surgical Positioners Rehab Seating.38 Arm/Shoulder Slings .71InvisiCoat .6 nMobility Elbow Contracture .72Foam 8 Elbow Sleeves.72Protecta-Coat.9 Wheelchair Cushions .41 Elbow Immobilizers .73Sandbags .10 Custom Wheelchair Cushions 42 Cervical Collars .74AliGel 12 Wheelchairs/Standers 42 Neuromotor Training Systems 76FREEDOM Gel .14 Wheelchair Accessories 43 nTherapeutic ExerciseAliLite Gel 15 Walkers and Crawlers 44 Hand and Forearm Exercisers 78nImaging Accessories Sitters and Scooters .45 Therapy Putty 79nFoot Orthotics Weights 80Patient Comfort and Positioning 16 Arch Supports .46 Resistive Bands and Tubing .82Patient Protection .17 Heel Cups and Lifts 49 Exercise Mats 84nSurgical Accessories Arch and Forefoot Pads .50 Balance/Core Strengthening .85Anesthesia .18 nMaterials nSpeech and LanguageCircumcision .19 Orthotic Materials .51 Assessment .86Catheterization 19 Impression Foam .54 Early Treatment 87nDiagnostics and Assessment Heating Equipment 54 Language Builders .88Dopplers and Monitors20 Thermoplastic Splinting Materials.55 Mirrors and Aids .89Stethoscopes 21 Splint Straps 56Speech Intervention .90Sphygmomanometers 21 Padding 57 Communication Aids .91Scales and Measuring Mats .22 Gel Sheeting and Strips 58 Language Activities 92Strength/ROM Evaluation Tools 23 Tapes and Cohesive Bandages 59 Oral Motor Tools and Therapy .96nClinical Furnishings and Carts Cast Padding/Tapes .60 Dysphagia 99Cribs and Accessories24 Cast Protectors 61 Oral Motor Stimulation 100Bassinets and Accessories 26 Cast Saws 61 Drinking and Eating Therapy .101Medical Carts 28 nOrthopedic Bracing nADLnSafe Patient Handling Post-Op Cast Shoes .62 Cups and Mugs. .102Patient Safety Belts 30 Walker Boots .62 Straws and Thickeners .102Patient Shifters31 Ankle Braces63 Baby Feeders .102nPatient Safety AFOs and KAFOs 64 Nonslip Matting and Utensils 104Ankle Contracture .65 Plates and Bowls .105AliMed ONE Wireless Alarms 32 Night Splints .66 Bathing 106Fall Alarms.32 Knee Braces.66 Toileting 107Fall Mats 34 Knee Contracture 68 nIndex.108Same-day shippingorder by 3 PMESTELECTRONIC 3 Expedited delivery options Still have questions? AliMed.com Call 800.225.2610EDI capabilities/GHX Partnercustomerservice@AliMed.com 3 APO shipping Place your order before 3 PMEST CALL800.225.2610 if in stock, it ships the same day!International: 1.781.329.29008:30 AM - 6 PMEST Monday-Friday 3 No minimum order requirementsFAX800.437.2966 (excludes international orders) Contract Pricing Bids: International: 1.781.329.8392 quotes@AliMed.com114 Publication #7742Product #11530'