b'Cast ProtectorsSawsMATERIALSn For daily showers and bathing n Infinity edge prevents SEAL-TIGHTwater from pooling on ringOriginal forSEAL-TIGHT Infinity daily showeringoffers the ultimate in cast or bathing.and bandage protection. Durable polyvinylUnique infinity edge bag lasts the lifeenhances protection and of the cast orprevents water from bandage withpooling on ring. MoldedArm daily use andgrips for easy, no-slipKnee Protector Protectornormal care.application. Forms uniform Diaphragmwatertight seal on the stretches overlimb. Stretches easily over cast or bandage to form watertight seal. cast or bandage and Not made with natural rubber latex. resists tearing. For bathing and showering. nMoisture-proof coveringCAST PROTECTORSSAWSSizing: Measure from tip of finger/heel to top of cast for Not made with natural rubber latex. for PICC lines or post-surgerybest fit. Maximum cast length is given. Sizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widestITEM #ADULT SIZELENGTH point for best fit. Maximum cast length is given. SEAL-TIGHT Protectors stretch easilyITEM #ADULT SIZELENGTHCIRC. over surgical dressings to protect against water #52211HAND12" penetration. Reusable for swimming, water sports, #52212SHORT ARM23" #52751HAND12"16" whirlpools, showering, or bathing. Lasts 6-8 weeks #52213LONG ARM40" #52752SHORT ARM23"16" or longer, depending on use. Not made with #66166SHORT LEG24" #52753LONG ARM40"21" natural rubber latex.#66167LONG LEG43" #52754WIDE SHORT ARM23"21" Arm Protector Sizing: Measure upper arm circumference. #66168FOOT/ANKLE12" #67079SHORT LEG24"21" S fits 7"-10"; M fits 10"-15"; L fits 15"-22".#66169WIDE SHORT LEG24" #67080LONG LEG42"28" Knee Protector Sizing: Measure thigh circumference. ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTH #67081FOOT/ANKLE12"21" S fits 16"-20"; M fits 19"-23"; L fits 22"-26".#52215S, ARM12" #67082WIDE SHORT LEG24"28" #52218ARM PROTECTOR$29.00 ea#52216M, ARM19"ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHCIRC. #66460KNEE PROTECTOR$30.00 ea#52217L, ARM29" #52755S, ARM12"16" Specify size. #66170S, LEG12" #52756M, ARM19"16" California residents, see left page.#66171M, LEG19" #52757L, ARM29"21"#66172L, LEG32" #67083S, LEG12"16"$28.75 ea #67084M, LEG17"21"California residents, see left page. #67085L, LEG32"21"$28.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Cast tools and accessoriesCenter slot permits FAX800.437.2966secure applicationn For recreational water activitiesCarry case SEAL-TIGHTSport for recreational water AliMed.com 800.225.2610Cushion Adult Child included activities or daily bathing. Lasts the life of the cast. n Specifically designed for pediatric use Not made with natural rubber latex.n Cushions and stabilizes DeSoutter CleanCast CSP-201 PediatricSizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widest Cast Saw Systems include CSP-201 castpoint for best fit. Maximum cast length is given.M-PACT Cast Walking Heels Syntheticsaw with display screen and cable, battery pack ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLENGTHCIRC.rubber with deep curved treads offersPRO, Inter Connector, power supply, carry case,#51993SHORT ARM 21" 8"-11"cushioning and stability by allowing regular heel- wrench, and 2 saw blades (25 mm and 29 mm).#51994LONG ARM 33" 9"-15"toe gait. Center slot permits secure application.Microprocessor-controlled voltage booster ensures#65413SHORT LEG24"11"-18"Cushion curved surface and tread ensureconstant cutting performance with zero deterioration.comfort and safety for active patients. 12/bx.#65414LONG LEG 38" 15"-24"6\' power cordC7 plugOscillating speed 14,800-17,500 CPM#51992PEDIATRIC ARM21" 7"-10"#62496CUSHION, 11 2 "W x 43 4 "L$146.63 bxNoise level 55 dB(A)Handpiece weight: 0.7 lb.Charging#65415PEDIATRIC LEG 28" 10"-13"#62495CHILD, 13 4 "W x 43 4 "L$146.63 bx time less than 3 hours2-hour cutting performanceBattery$28.75 ea#62494ADULT, 21 4 "W x 51 2 "L$146.63 bx capacity 30.8Wh California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. #713005$5,827.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.61'