b'IMAGING/SURGICAL POSITIONERS FREEDOMGel PositionersBudget-friendly alternativeEconomicalGel ProtectionFREEDOMGel Positioners have allNeonatal Pediatric Neonatal Pediatricthe viscoelastic, pressure-relieving properties of other gel positioners, but at a budget-friendly price. The water-basedFREEDOMgel surface moves with the patient to reduce shear and redistribute pressure to help prevent pressure injuries. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes for the patient protection and surgical access you need. Includes a three- Adult, Std. Adult, High Adult, Std. Adult, Highmonth warranty against manufacturing defects. Head DonutsProtect the head, neck, andHorseshoesProtect face in lateral to FREEDOMGEL Visit AliMed.com/positioners for our full lineears. Offloads pressure from occipitaloffload ocular pressure. Opening allows ofFREEDOMGel Positioners.protrusion to protect the patient from pressureaccess forintubation. Also use in prone with injuries and possible blindness. Hygienic Donutpatients head turned to side.Covers for Adult sizes available, see p. 12. Neonatal: 34"H x 334" diam.0.25 lb.Pediatric: 134"H x Neonatal: 34"H x 314" diam.0.25 lb.Pediatric: 114"H x512" diam.0.85 lb.Adult, Std.: 134"H x 8" diam.3 lbs.512" diam.1 lb.Adult, Std.: 134"H x 8" diam.3 lbs.Adult, High: 3"H x 8" diam.2.6 lbs.Adult, High: 3"H x 8" diam.3.1 lbs. #937972NEONATAL$67.75 ea100% water- Impervious toEasy to#937971NEONATAL$55.75 ea #931844PEDIATRIC$83.75 eabased gel fluids clean #931843PEDIATRIC$73.75 ea #931842ADULT, STD.$111.75 ea#931841ADULT, STD.$90.00 ea #938975ADULT, HIGH$170.75 eaFull- #938974ADULT, HIGH$115.50ea California residents, see below.72"L Length California residents, see below.20"W 34-Length20"W 46"LContoured HeadrestsStabilize headProne Head PadsOffload pressure and Surface Overlays help reduce risk ofwhile providing easy access to face andhave slots for ventilation tube insertion. pressure injuries and skin shear during longtop of cranium. Also use to position and protectRecommended for use to maintain neutral procedures. Gel maintains shape, stretch, andknee or calf from pressure. position during prone procedures. Protects head shock-absorbing qualities. Optional Disposable18Covers to reduce infection risk at AliMed.com. 7"W x 7"L x 3 "H6 lbs. and face. FAX800.437.2966 #937974$140.44 eaPediatric: 834"W x 734"L x 434"H4.35 lbs.Adult: Full-Length: 20"W x 72"L 34 -Length: 20"W x 46"LCalifornia residents, see below. 10 58 "W x 9"L x 514"H7.6 lbs.#937962FULL-LENGTH$642.75 ea #938106PEDIATRIC$196.75 ea#93796134-LENGTH$600.75 ea #938107ADULT$232.00 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.800.225.2610AliMed.com Chest RollsIdeal for a variety of positions and procedures. Place under torso to allow for chest expansion or under feet to protect from possible nerve damage in prone. Also used in supine under knees and lateral on each side of patient to keep them in position. Flat bottom provides stability and keeps positioner in place. 2"W x 2"H4"W x 3"H#9379546"L, 1 lb$43.00 ea #93796412"L, 6 lbs $100.00 ea#9379568"L, 1 lb$58.75 ea #93796616"L, 8 lbs$130.75 ea#93795210"L, 1 lb$68.75 ea #93796820"L, 10 lbs$164.75 ea20"L 16"L 12"L #93797912"L, 2 lbs$85.00 ea6"W x 5"H 3"W x 3"H #93796512"L, 13 lbs$227.75 ea4"W x 3"H shown #9379556"L, 2 lbs$59.75 ea #93796716"L, 16 lbs$304.75 ea#9379578"L, 2 lbs$73.75 ea #93796920"L, 21 lbs$383.00 ea #93795310"L, 3 lbs$82.75 ea California residents, see below.#93798012"L, 4 lbs$93.75 eaCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 14 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'