b'Heel Cups and LiftsFOOT ORTHOTICSnWedge-shaped reliefViscoHeel and ViscoHeel K Heel n Quickly molds to foot contours CushionsContoured wedge shape helps relieve acute heel and ankle pain M-F Heel Protectors help relieve spursby absorbing impact forces on the ankle,ViscoHeel helpsViscoHeel K and fi ssured heels. Mold to patients foot. knee, and hip. Reduces strain on tendons,relieve acute heelcounteracts varus/6 pr/bx. ligaments, and calf muscles, making themand ankle pain valgus alignmentSizing: Junior fits all children and Wmns size 7 ideal for when pain is above the heel and smaller. Adult fits Wmns and Mens size 71 2such as with achillodynia or Haglunds deformity. VISCOHEELand larger.Anatomically shaped. Medical-grade,#13017022000000SIZE 0 (PEDIATRIC)$28.75 pr#6658JUNIOR$33.75 bx viscoelastic, nonslip silicone. ViscoHeel K#13017022000001SIZE 1$28.75 pr#6657ADULT$33.75 bx with sloped sides can be placed medially#13017022000002SIZE 2$28.75 prCalifornia residents, see left page. or laterally to correct varus/valgus alignment. #13017022000003SIZE 3$28.75 prHEEL CUPS AND LIFTSSizing: Determined by shoe size. ViscoHeel: Size 0,#13017022000004SIZE 4$28.75 prchildren; Size 1, Wmns 31 2to 5, Mens 21 2to 4; Size 2, 1 1 1VISCOHEEL KWmns 5 to 8, Mens 4 to 7; Size 3, Wmns 8to 11, More Heel Cups Mens 71 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 2to 12.#66682*$29.25 pr to 10; Size 4, Wmns 11to 13, Mens 10and Lifts online! ViscoHeel K: Size 1, children; Size 2, Wmns 5-9, Mens 31 2 - *Specify size.71 2 ; Size 3, Wmns 91 2 -14, Mens 8-121 2 . California residents, see left page.n Soft spot cushions heelsSilicone Heel Cups help optimize pressure distribution and shock absorption to relieve heel spur pain. Large soft spot cushions heel. 100% medical-grade silicone. Low-profile. Use in dress or athletic shoes. Sizing: S fits most children; M fits most women; L fits most men.#60814$23.25 prAliMed.com/heel-cups Specify size.California residents, see left page.Measurement and treatment for leg-length discrepancies.n Peel-apart layers for precise height adjustment Peel to adjust in Adjustable Heel Lifts Simply peel one or two layers at asecondstime to adjust height precisely to your patient. Set to38 ",14 ", or FAX800.437.296618 ". Durable leather cover with three resilient18 " rubber layers are tapered for comfort and held together by peel-apart adhesive. Use bilaterally for progressive treatment of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Use with post-op shoe to eliminate pelvic obliquity from leg-length differences. Not made with natural rubber latex. One lift treats:Sizing: S fits most Wmns shoe sizes; M fits larger Wmns and smaller Mensshoe sizes; L fits most Mens shoe sizes.AliMed.com 800.225.2610#60404HEEL LIFT$15.25 ea #644446/kit, ONE SIZE$44.25 kit ($7.38 ea) Leg length Pelvic obliquity Plantar fasciitis Achilles tendonitisSpecify size. California residents, see left page.nFive color-coded lifts easily identify height discrepancy Adjustablehook-and-loopAdultAdjustable Height Shoe Lifts are used to measure leg-lengthstraps secure Childdiscrepancies. Use a variety of thicknesses to obtain correct height.footAdjustable hook-and-loop straps secure foot to shoe lifts. Five color-coded foam lifts (",38 ", ",58 ", 1") for easy identification of height. Black18 " top and " bottom sole. #66250CHILD, 7 pcs, COMPLETE$145.00 set#66249ADULT, 7 pcs, COMPLETE$150.00 setCalifornia residents, see left page. 1"58 ""38 "" Five color-coded foam lifts for easy identification of height49'