b'How to choose Therapy Putty Whether you squeeze it, twist it, THERAPEUTIC EXERCISEpinch it, or stretch it, therapy putty isa great way to help rehabilitate and strengthen fingers, hands, and forearms. But if you think all therapy putty is created equal, think again. Choices include putty made without natural rubber latex, glittering therapy putty, and putty blended with natural antimicrobial for odor control. Our tried-and-true Color-Coded Therapy Putty clearly and easily identifies and accommodates a wide range of grip strengths, from very soft to very firm. Also available are tools you can place in the therapy putty to push, pull, or turn for specific therapeutic outcomes. Ideal for clinical or home use, our selection of therapy putty will not fragment, bleed, stain, or stick to skin, clothing, or furniture. Its nontoxic, non-oily, and leaves no residue on the hands.THERAPY PUTTYn Antimicrobial silver resists odorGlitter PuttyInfused with natural silver antimicrobial layer to naturally resist growth of odor-causing microbes in putty. Nontoxic, non-irritating with a greaseless, non-sticky texture for smooth, even resistance. Not made with naturalrubber latex. 4 oz.Knob Turn Peg Turn Key Turn #5632LT. BLUE, XX-SOFT$10.00 ea#5633LT. PURPLE, X-SOFT$10.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Cap Turn L-Bar n Guaranteed to maintainconsistency for an entire year Tan, XX-SoftColor-Coded Therapy Putty comes in resistances consistent Yellow, X-Softwith industry standards. Silicone-baseputty. Guaranteed to maintain its consistency for one year from the date you receive it. Red, SoftNot made with natural rubber latex.Putty Packs available at Green, MediumFAX800.437.2966n Simulate everyday activities AliMed.com/putty-packs Blue, FirmPuttycise Tools can be pushed, pulled, orturned through putty to produce specified COLOR/RESISTANCE2 OZ.3 OZ.4 OZ.1 LB.5 LBS.exercises. Changing the putty resistance increasesTAN, XX-SOFT #3405#3460#3465#3475#3485 or decreases difficulty level. Use to simulate AliMed.com 800.225.2610YELLOW, X-SOFT #3406 #3461 #3466#3476 #3486functional activity and/or teach joint protectionRED, SOFT #3407 #3462 #3467 #3477#3487techniques. Consists of five tools that all functionGREEN, MED. #3408 #3463#3468#3478#3488by inserting tool base into resistive putty. ToolsBLUE, FIRM #3409#3464#3469#3479#3489include: Knob Turn, Peg Turn, Key Turn, $4.50 ea $5.25 ea$5.25 ea$23.75 ea$79.75 eaCap Turn, and L-Bar (simulates pulling a vacuum, sweeping, using a hammer, etc.). Tools work bestCalifornia residents, see left page.in 1 lb. of putty. 5-Piece Set includes one of eachPERSONAL PUTTY KITtool with a carry bag and set of instruction cards.#5636 2-oz. PACKAGES OF YELLOW, RED, GREEN, AND BLUE$9.00 kit ($2.25 ea)Putty not included. California residents, see left page.#32600KNOB TURN$24.75 ea#32602PEG TURN$24.75 ea#32603KEY TURN$24.75 ea#32604CAP TURN$24.75 ea More Hand Therapy Supplies online!#32601L-BAR$24.75 ea AliMed.com/hand-and-finger-exercisers#325995-PIECE SET, CARDS AND BAG$105.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page.79'