b'Patient ComfortPositioningIMAGING ACCESSORIES nNoise protection for your Sandbagssmallest patientsNeonatal Noise Guards for premature and newborn patients. Protects sensitive ears in the MRI suite, and provides peace and3 lbs., 7"W x 9"Lquiet in the NICU. Reduce surrounding environment noise level by at least 7 dB, with a reduction in sound pressure of more than 50%.7 dB noise attenuationDisposable. Not made with natural rubber latex.6 pr/bx. #936914$137.50 bxCalifornia residents, see below.PATIENT COMFORTPOSITIONING 13 lbs., 11"W x 11"L 12 lbs., 7 lbs.,6"W x 21"L 5"W x 17"LnAdjustable chair rotates for n MR-Safedifferent views MR-Safe SandbagsDouble-wall construction with waterproof Black Pedia Posers offer gentle yet secure pediatricNaugahyde covers. Water-resistant seams. immobilization. Helps eliminate retakes, savingRadiolucent. Artifact-free 100% nonmagnetic time and money. Patient is secured only once andsand.chair rotates for different views. Saddle seat withBuy a set and save!detachable saddle horn is form-fitting and safe. The bench seat for older children has a detachable #91-188SET OF 4 (1 OF EACH)$156.75 setsaddle horn to aid in positioning. Saddle hornOr buy individuallysupports a protective genital lead shield. Critical ITEM #WEIGHTSIZEPRICEchair components are X-ray lucent. Lockable#91-1843 lbs7"W x 9"L$44.75 eacasters offer mobility and stability. Great for#91-1867 lbs5"W x 17"L$47.75 eaoptimizing studies of C-spine, chest, abdominal#91-18512 lbs6"W x 21"L$49.75 eaairway, AP, lateral, and oblique views. Fits all patients from infants to 4 years old.#91-18713 lbs11"W x 11"L$49.75 eaHeight: 67"Base width: 30"Seat height: 34" fromAdditional shipping charges may apply. floorGerm-resistant, nonporous polyethylene California residents, see below.#927788$5,664.00 eaShips freight. Price includes shipping.California residents, see below.1 lbs., 5"W x 12"LFAX800.437.2966 n Choice of eight secure positionsUniversal Octopaque PediatricGently calms and immobilizes Positioners provide gentle, securebabies and young childrenimmobilization of head and trunk for newborns 5 lbs., 7"W x 9"Land children up to five years. Child rests on2 lbs., 4"W x 9"L wooden board, which is superior in radiolucency800.225.2610AliMed.com to plastic. Board is easily cleanable. Strong plastic octagons stabilize rotation in 45 increments. Recommended in procedures for chest,abdomen, pyelography and cystography, upper G.I. and barium enema, CT scan, and MRI.7 lbs., 6"W x 16"LOverall: 1012"W x 41"L11.5 lbs.MR-compatible nAlways have the right size on hand Components: 1 wooden board, 612"W x 40"L; 2 octagons, 2 supports; 2 U cushions (1 large, 1 small);Pediatric Sandbag Sets accommodate 1"L cushion; 2 blankets (1 large, 1 small); head and pediatric patients with smaller and lighter arm strapsInstructional video Blankets, pads, andbags. Double-wall construction with waterproof #920479$2,441.75 eastraps for secureBlack Naugahyde covers. Water-resistant Additional shipping charges may apply. immobilization seams. Radiolucent. Standard sand and California residents, see below. lightweight AliSand. Set of 4. Set includes one of each: 1 12lbs., 5 12 "W x 12"L (filled with AliSand); 2 lbs., 4"W x 9"L; 5 lbs., 7"W x 9"L;7 lbs., 6"W x 16"L#936927$124.75 setCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement California residents, see at left.WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 16 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'