b'StethoscopesSphygmomanometersDIAGNOSTICS AND ASSESSMENTnPediatric andInfant sizesLittmann Classic II Adult model S.E. StethoscopesnIncludes shownOne side has a tunable diaphragm alternating low-travel caseand high-frequency sounds;Deluxe Hand-Held Sphygmomanometers opposite side augments soundsfeature a manometer, cuff size marking system, with traditional bell function. Available chrome-plated brass air release valve, and dip-in Pediatric and Infant sizes. molded inflation bladder and bulb for heavy use.n Multiple size options, carry case28"L3-year warranty Not made with natural rubber latex. Diagnostix 700 Sphygmomanometers#98STH2-13PEDIATRIC, BLACK$142.00 ea 300 mmHg, certified accurate to3 mmHgBlackMaxiflo deluxe air release valve with built-in filter #98STH2-14PEDIATRIC, RED$142.00 ea leatherette zippered carrying caseLifetime calibrationand extra-large knurled air-release knob for precise #98STH2-21PEDIATRIC, BLUE$142.00 ea warranty, 2-year system warrantydeflation control. Double filters eliminate dust. #98STH2-18INFANT, BLACK$142.00 ea #933876CHILD$28.00 ea Measures from 20 mmHg to 300 mmHgCertified #98STH2-19INFANT, RED$142.00 ea #933872ADULT$27.75 ea accurate to3 mmHgTwo-tube latex bladder#98STH2-20INFANT, BLUE$142.00 ea #933874 ADULT, L $31.00 ea Chrome-plated aneroid no-pin-stop gaugeWhite STETHOSCOPESSPHYGMOMANOMETERSCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. numerals on blue faceplateCuff not made with natural rubber latexFeatures: size, index, range markings, artery indicator label, gauge holderIncludes zippered nEconomical alternative carry caseLifetime calibration warrantyBlack Sprague-RappaportIncludes ITEM #SIZEDIMENSIONS CIRC. RANGEPRICEStethoscopesThreaded accessories #95-619CHILD 4 18 "W x 13 12 "L18.4-26.7 cm $83.00 eachestpiece drum made of#95-600ADULT 5 34 "W x 21 14 "L25.4-40.6 cm$66.00 eachrome-plated zinc withn I mpact-#95-186ADULT, L6 78 "W x 24 78 "L24.9-50.8 cm$81.75 eainterchangeable fittings andresistant #924978THIGH 8 14 "W x 32 12 "L40.6-65.5 cm$91.00 eaaccessories. Double tubes forCalifornia residents, see left page.acoustic separation. AdjustableMRI SphygmomanometersImpact-resistant, chrome-plated brass binauralshock-absorbing. Microfilter protects the valve and with PVC ear tips. Includes adultmovement. Oversized inflator speeds up cuff and pediatric transparent diaphragms, three bellsinflation. Inflator spoon can be set for left- and right-(1 14 ", 1",34 "), one pair mushroom ear tips, one pairhanded users. Not made with natural rubber latex.silicone ear tips, and chestpiece key.Mercury-freeMR-conditional up to 1.5TeslaTubing: 22"L; overall: 30"L7.5 oz.Black #927467INFANT CUFF$581.50 ea#933885$26.75 ea#927466ADULT CUFF$462.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 6" luminescent dial is visible in any lightn Outstanding acousticn DisposableFAX800.437.2966performance reduces cross- Wall MountAdult, Black contamination Mobile Adscope StethoscopesCombinationAdcuffdiaphragm/bell chestpiece made from surgicalSingle-Patient-Usen High visibility, luminescent dialstainless steel for outstanding performance andNeonatal Cuffs (SPU series) help reduce the rugged durability. Extra large bell for low-frequencyrisk of cross-contamination. For use with virtuallyMobile or Wall-Mount Aneroids with large, response. Ultra-sensitive diaphragm for greaterall monitors. Index and range markings ensure use6", highly visible luminescent dial.AliMed.com 800.225.2610amplification and crisper high-frequency response.of correct size, and color-coded sizes facilitate cuff Non-chillbell and diaphragm retaining rims forselection. Bladderless construction. Ultra-soft liningFeatures: 300 mmHg no-pin-stop manometer, blackpatient comfort. Stainless steel binaurals fixedoffers comfortable layer against skin. Vinyl materialnylon cuff w/latex bulb and valve, 8\' coiled latex tubing, five-star base w/nylon casters, and coated wire basketat 15 angle for greater comfort. Available intreated with antibacterial agent to help control Manometer is angled 15Lifetime calibration Pediatric and Adult sizes. the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria. NotwarrantyMobile: adjusts 36"-42"HWall Mount: has PVC Y tubingScope ID Tag includedLifetimemade with natural rubber latex. Standard luer slip110 swivel bracket and cuff storage areawarranty covers all partsPediatric: Overall lengthconnectors. Available with One or Two Tubes.#930383MOBILE$328.00 ea30 12 ", tubing length 21"Bell 1 18 " diam.DiaphragmIndividually polybagged. 10/bx.3 #95-615WALL MOUNT$109.00 ea1 8 " diam.5.25 oz.Includes spare diaphragmAdult: Overall length 31", tubing length 21"Bell 1 38 " diam.RANGEONETWOREPLACEMENT PARTS Diaphragm 1 34 " diam.5.77 oz.Includes accessory SIZE(CM)COLORTUBETUBESPRICE #932373CHILD CUFF AND BLADDER SET$30.75 setkit with spare diaphragm, extra Adsoft, and standard18-13LIGHT BLUE#936393#936388$54.75 bx #932374ADULT CUFF AND BLADDER SET $34.00 setear tips212-19LAVENDER#936394#936389$54.75 bx #932375THIGH CUFF AND BLADDER SET$53.75 set#95-628PEDIATRIC, GREY$72.75 ea 317-25GREEN#936395#936390$54.75 bx #932376*$16.25 eaWIRE BASKET #95-625ADULT, BLACK$68.00 ea 423-33NAVY#936396#936391$54.75 bx #932377COILED TUBING, 8\' $23.00 ea #95-626ADULT, GREY$68.75 ea 523-33PINK#936397#936392$54.75 bx *For wall mount only.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.21'