b'SittersScootersnTwo positions n Platform-style wedge mobile baseSkillbuilders 2-PieceSkillbuilders 3-Piece Mobile Floor Sitters combine MOBILITYMobile Floor SittersFeeder Seat, Floor Sitter Wedge, and platform-style wood combine Feeder SeatMobile Base with casters and pull strap, allowing child to with box-style woodbe moved without repositioning. Seat, wedge, and base are Mobile Base withsecured with hook-and-loop fasteners. Seat can be adjusted casters and pullfrom upright to reclining position and includes built-in abductor, strap, allowing child posture-correct contoured interior, and safety harness. Feeder to be moved withoutSeat and Floor Wedge (also sold separately, p. 38) are made repositioning.of molded foam with integral waterproof coating for easy Seat and base arecleaning. Mobile Base also sold separately, below. secured with hook- Sizing: S fits child up to 36" tall and 20-40 lbs.; M fits child 37"-48" tall and-loop fasteners.and 30-60 lbs.; L fits child 49"-60" tall and 50-100 lbs.; XL fits child 61"-Seat can be adjusted72" tall and 60-120 lbs.from upright to reclining position and includes built-MOBILE FLOOR SITTER (SEAT, WEDGE BASE, MOBILE BASE)in abductor, posture-correct contoured interior, and safety harness. Feeder Seat (also sold separately,#30-1090S$625.75 eap. 38) is made of molded foam with integral#30-1091M$695.75 eaSITTERSSCOOTERSwaterproof coating for easy cleaning. Mobile#30-1092L$931.75 eaBase also sold separately, below. #30-1093XL$1,960.00 eaSizing: S fits child up to 36" tall and 20-40 lbs.; M fits MOBILE BASE ONLY child 37"-48" tall and 30-60 lbs.; L fits child 49"-60" tall#30-1095FITS S, M, OR L FEEDER SEAT$263.75 eaand 50-100 lbs.; XL fits child 61"-72" tall and 60-120 lbs. #30-1096FITS XL FEEDER SEAT$319.75 ea MOBILE FLOOR SITTER (SEAT AND MOBILE BASE) California residents, see left page.#30-1170S$630.75 ea#30-1171M$722.75 ea n Box-style mobile base#30-1172L$848.75 ea#30-1173XL$1,370.00 ea Tumble Forms2 2-Piece Mobile Floor Sitters aid withMOBILE BASE ONLYfeeding or for use as an alternative to wheelchairs or standers. #30-1088FITS S FEEDER SEAT$404.00 ea Includes Feeder Seat (also sold separately, p. 38) and Mobile Base and is ideal for children who are unable to ambulate, #30-1089FITS M FEEDER SEAT$463.00 ea permitting movement without the need for repositioning. #30-1097FITS L FEEDER SEAT$522.75 ea Feeder Seat is easy to get the child in an out of and allows #30-1098FITS XL FEEDER SEAT$696.75 ea good basic positioning without complicated adjustments. California residents, see left page. Includes a shoulder harness with 4" of vertical adjustment to accommodate infants through adolescents, pelvic belt and quick-release H-belt to help maintain positioning, contoured n Assists withinterior with 90 seat angle for postural-correct seating, and ambulation and built-in anti-thrust seat for pelvic stability (Medium model only). Medium and Large base is made of wood with antimicrobial walking exercises washable vinyl coating. Not made with natural rubber latex. Sit and RideX-Large base is made of steel tubing.AmbulatorySizing: M fits hips up to 9"W and heights up to 48"; L fits hips up to FAX800.437.2966Aids assist121/2"W and heights up to 60"; XL fits hips up to 15"W and heights up childrento 72".who are#3832M$848.75 eaexperiencing#3833L$1,013.75 eaambulatory#31923XL$1,496.75 eadifficulties.California residents, see left page.Practice in theAliMed.com 800.225.2610seated position of certain ambulatory patterns will prepare for actual usen Use in sitting, kneeling, or prone positionof the movements in a standing position. Height-adjustable sling. Can also be used for caregiversTumble Forms2 Scooter Boards can be used in as a support while assisting patients with walkinga sitting, kneeling, or prone position, helping to develop exercises. Lightweight, durable plastic. Factory- neuromotor control, coordination, and gross motor skills of installed casters are suitable for use on all hardthe upper and lower extremities. Square model is made of floors and most carpeting. Easy-to-install armheavy-duty polypropylene and includes safety-grip handles attachments. and non-marring rubber swivel casters. Round modelSquare2912"W x 1512"H x 28"DSling height adjusts 9"-17" is made of a washable vinyl coating with antimicrobial175-lb. capacity20 lbs. protection and includes handles and long-wearing 2" #82101$502.58 ea casters. Not made with natural rubber latex. Additional shipping charges may apply.BlueSquare: 12"W x 12"L200-lb. capacity3.2 lbs.California residents, see left page.Round: 24" diameter100-lb. capacity14 lbs.#31929SQUARE$86.75 ea#PC4814BROUND$439.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Round45'