b'Bassinets and AccessoriesCLINICAL FURNISHINGS & CARTSn Choice of 4 modelsBassinets provide a stable, safe resting place for newborns. Features a stainless steel inverted "U" frame design with specially formed and welded support rods for basket to be set in the flat or Trendelenburg position. Available with Shelves, Drawers, and Open or Closed Cabinets underneath the basket to provide additional storage space for baby supplies while adding strength and rigidity to the unit. Ball-bearing swivel casters. Blickman Baskets sold separately, below.31"W x 3812"H x 1734"DStainless steel4" ball-bearing swivel casters (2 braking)#931012: Upper shelf, 23" from floor; Lower shelf, 8" from floor#95-460: Drawer (welded to separate channels): 2112"W x 712"H x 16"DBassinet with Two Shelves Bassinet with Enclosed Drawer #931013: Cabinet: 29"W x 15"H x 17"D#95-461:A. B.Cabinet: 29"W x 15"H x 1634"D Upper shelf has four-sidedLarge 7 12 "H counter-weighted BASSINETS AND ACCESSORIESA.#931012w/2 SHELVES$1,216.75 ea guardrail to protect suppliesdrawer for stability and bottom shelfB.#95-460w/ENCLOSED DRAWER$1,766.75 eaC.#931013w/OPEN CABINET$1,652.00 eaD.#95-461w/CLOSED CABINET$1,834.75 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Bassinet BasketsClear molded acrylic. 3"W x 5"L cardholder included. Fits Blickman Bassinets.16"W x 31"L x 9 14 "H#95-465$228.75 ea Bassinet with Open Cabinet D.C. Bassinet with Closed CabinetCalifornia residents, see left page. Two storage compartments,Two storage compartments, one one with shelf with removable shelfFoam and Gel Bassinet PadsFAX800.437.2966Combo Foam shownn Pressure relief and shearreductionAliMed.com 800.225.2610AliGel 1212"W 2612"L Isolette and Bassinet Pads are made of a unique gel n Combo Foam model features soft, conforming T-Foamformula that mimics fatty tissue to move with the Universal Bassinet Pads offer additional padding in bassinet.patient, making them ideal Combo Foam Pads have a12 " top layer of soft, conforming T-Foam.for gentle pressure relief Covered in an ultrasoft, extremely flexible, flame-resistant fabric that movesand shear reduction for and conforms with the T-Foam for maximum pressure management.pediatric and neonatal Standard Polyfoam Pad is covered with flame-retardant, black conductivepatients. Available in two vinyl cover. Not made with natural rubber latex.widths.1212"W x 2612"L x 2"HCAL 117-compliant 26"L x 12" thick100% gel#931065COMBO FOAM$113.00 ea #92579412"W$138.75 ea#95-466POLYFOAM$47.75 ea #92579616"W$172.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.27'