b'TapesCohesive Bandagesn Enhanced and patented FingerPrint technologyMATERIALSKinesio Tex Gold FP TapesOriginal KINESIO TEX GOLD FP TAPE, ROLL wave-pattern design with enhanced and patented ITEM #COLORPRICEFingerPrint technology. Gold FP brings nano-touch#32752BEIGE$101.75 bx($16.96 rl)microstimulation to epidermis and layers beneath.#32753BLUE$101.75 bx($16.96 rl) Pre-Cut Mimics gentle human touch yet provides an#32754RED$101.75 bx($16.96 rl) Lengthseffective hold. Breathable, higher-grade cotton.#32755BLACK$101.75 bx($16.96 rl)New protected weave process for improved KINESIO TEX GOLD TAPE, PRE-CUT LENGTH2"Wcomfort. Supports muscles in movement while allowing full range of motion. Choose Rolls or ITEM #APPLICATIONPRICE Kinesio Tex Pre-Cut Lengths for easy application. Select by#33026LOW BACK$113.75 bx ($5.69 app) Gold FP Tapespecific body part. Not made with natural rubber#33027FOOT$113.75 bx ($5.69 app)latex.#33028KNEE$113.75 bx ($5.69 app)Water-resistantRolls: 2"W x 512 yards6 rl/bx#33029NECK$113.75 bx ($5.69 app) Pre-Cut Lengths: 20 applications/bx #33030SHOULDER$113.75 bx ($5.69 app)California residents, see left page.TAPESCOHESIVE BANDAGESn Multiple options availableCo-Flexis self-adhesiveno clips or fasteners needed. Maintains consistent compression with nonslip support. Contains latex.n Easy to tear, not made withnatural rubber latexCo-Flex NLSame features of Co-Flex with added n Edema control benefits of being easy to tear by hand and not being Tan Packmade with natural rubber latex.Coban Elastic Wraps for edema control and stump wrapping. Self-adhering. Contains latex. SIZEQTYITEM #PRICESmiley Pack1"W x 5 yds30 rl/bx#5987$53.75 bx2"W x 5 yds36 rl/bx#5988$109.75 bx3"W x 5 yds24 rl/bx#5989$93.00 bx4"W x 5 yds18 rl/bx#98DRE3-39$89.00 bxTan only. California residents, see left page. Color Pack Kids Pack CO-FLEX (CONTAINS LATEX)CO-FLEX NL (NOT MADE w/NATURAL RUBBER LATEX)SIZEQTYITEM #PRICESIZEQTYITEM #PRICE 11 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs#51892$66.75 cs ($1.39 rl) 1"W x 5 yds30 rl/cs#51-135$52.75 cs ($1.76 rl)3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#51894$52.75 cs ($2.20 rl) 11 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs#51897$88.75 cs ($1.85 rl)6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#51896$52.75 cs ($4.40 rl) 2"W x 5 yds36 rl/cs#51-136$86.75 cs ($2.41 rl)FAX800.437.2966Specify Tan, Color Pack, or Smiley Pack. 3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#51-137$77.75 cs ($3.24 rl)(Color Pack not available in 4"W or 6"W; Smiley Pack 4"W x 5 yds18 rl/cs#51898$64.75 cs ($3.60 rl)not available in 11 2 "W.)6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#51899$63.00 cs ($5.25 rl)California residents, see left page. Specify Tan, Color Pack, Smiley Pack, or Kids Pack.(Color Pack not available in 4"W or 6"W; Smiley Packnot available in 11 2 "; Kids Pack not available in 1"W, 11 2 "W, or 6"W.) n Open-cell foam, California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610won\'t unravelCo-Flex LF 2Quick-stick open-cell foam clings to itself and will not unravel. Water-resistant, holds wet dressings in place. Gentle for skin. Tears by hand. Use to hold dressings in place, stabilize IVs, or as a light compression wrap. Not made with natural rubber latex. n Sterile open-cell foam, won\'t unravel SIZEQTYITEM #PRICE Sterile Co-Flex LF 2Same as Co-Flex LF 2 , withn Sterile exam room packs1"W x 5 yds30 rl/cs#52000$39.00 cs ($1.30 rl) 1 individual rolls that are packed sterile. Not madeSterile Co-FlexNLSame as Co-Flex NL, with 1 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs #52001$96.75 cs ($2.02 rl) with natural rubber latex. individual rolls that are packed sterile. Not made 2"W x 5 yds36 rl/cs#52002$85.75 cs ($2.38 rl)SIZEQTYITEM #PRICE with natural rubber latex.3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#52003$71.00 cs ($2.96 rl) 3"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs#51997$89.75 cs ($3.74 rl)SIZEQTYITEM #PRICE4"W x 5 yds8 rl/cs#52004*$63.75 cs ($7.97 rl)6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#52005*$58.75 cs ($4.90 rl) 4"W x 5 yds18 rl/cs#51998$81.75 cs ($4.54 rl) 4"W x 5 yds 18 rl/cs#931234$84.75 cs ($4.71 rl)Specify Tan or Color Pack. 6"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs#51999$84.75 cs ($7.06 rl) 6"W x 5 yds 12 rl/cs#931213$87.75 cs ($7.31 rl)*Color Pack not available in 4"W or 6"W rolls.Tan only.Tan only. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 59'