b'Wheelchair CushionsMild anti-thrust shelf promotes postural stabilityMOBILITYWipe-clean cover extends durabilityn Helps prevent sacral sitting Medial thigh separator for Basic Wedge Cushions create apostural alignmentcomfortable sitting surface that discouragesNon-skid flat bottomHigh-density, molded slouching and maximizes sitting tolerance. High- fabric with hook-and-loopfoam reduces potential density foam contours to body for added support,attachment peak pressure areasyet holds its shape even with long-term use. Cushion tapers from 3"H in front to 1"H in rear.n Medial thigh separator promotes postural alignmentRemovable cover options: Washable PolyesterCurve CushionsMild anti-thrust shelf promotes postural stability and helps prevent forwardWHEELCHAIR CUSHIONSKnit Cover enhances comfort and reduces heatmigration while medial thigh separator improves postural alignment. High-density, molded foambuildup. Wipe-clean, nonslip Vinyl Upholsteredincreases cushion\'s surface area, reducing potential peak pressure areas. Non-skid flat bottom features Cover further limits forward sliding and is great forhook-and-loop attachment for stability. Reflective piping on cushion\'s sides can be seen from up to 500\' long-term durability. away in low-light conditions. Breathable Stretch-Air cover provides heat dissipation and multi-directional 3"H tapers to 1"H High-density foamCovers arestretch for pressure relief. removable for launderingRear ties 3"HInferior thigh support: 214"HMedial thigh support: 1"HLateral thigh support: 1"HPelvic contour: 1"HBlack POLYESTER KNIT COVER#108916"W x 16"D$43.00 eaPEDIATRICADULT #108818"W x 16"D$43.00 ea W x DWT. CAP.PRICE W x DWT. CAP.PRICE VINYL UPHOLSTERED COVER #1146912" x 14"100 lbs.$65.00 ea #1147416" x 16"250 lbs.$75.00 ea#128714"W x 14"D$51.75 ea #1147014" x 14"150 lbs.$65.00 ea #1147518" x 16"300 lbs.$75.00 ea#1147114" x 16"150 lbs.$65.00 ea #1147620" x 18"350 lbs.$85.00 ea#261 16"W x 16"D$47.75 ea#260 18"W x 16"D$47.75 ea #1147214" x 18"150 lbs.$65.00 ea #1147722" x 18"400 lbs.$128.75 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#1147316" x 14"250 lbs.$65.00 ea #1147824" x 18"400 lbs.$128.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. Suggested code: E2601/E2602 Suggested code: E2601/E2602Maximum shear protectionCheckerboard Checkerboard CheckerboardFAX800.437.2966Smooth Smooth AliMed.com 800.225.2610SmoothnReduces shear, stabilizes sitting surface n Reduces shear, redistributes pressure n Reduces shear T-Gel Cushions with Solid Seat T-Gel Plus Cushions combine T-GelT-Gel CushionsExcellent for applications Shear-reducing gel pad sits on awith slow-recovery T-Foam for even betterthat require minimal thickness. T-Gel polymer Insertconvex-bottom, closed-cell-foam, solid seat basepressure distribution and shear reduction. Medium- gel slides laterally, effectively reducing harmful to form a stable, flat sitting surface for sling-seatresistance T-Foam layer magnifies the positiveshear forces and skin-damaging friction. Low-profile wheelchair users. Gel reduces shear forces whileeffects of the gel by offering extra cushion todesign allows use on any sitting surface. Solid Seat Insert promotes upright sitting postureevenly allocate coccyx pressure. AliTaneCheckerboard style allows greater air circulation. without increasing the overall seat cushion height.envelope protects T-Foam from incontinence.Black stretch polyester knit cover (not shown). Blue Checkerboard style allows greater air circulation.Checkerboard style allows greater air circulation.ripstop nylon cover at AliMed.com.Black stretch polyester knit cover (not shown).Black stretch polyester knit cover (not shown).16"W x 16"D x58 "H5.5 lbs.16"W x 16"D x 2 14 "H6 lbs. Blue ripstop nylon cover at AliMed.com. #1530CHECKERBOARD$182.75 ea#1555CHECKERBOARD$200.75 ea 16"W x 16"D x 1 58 "H8 lbs. #1321SMOOTH$146.00 ea#1554SMOOTH$189.75 ea #1532CHECKERBOARD$205.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. #1293SMOOTH$194.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.41'