b'Body PositionersREHAB POSITIONERSWedgesWedgesRollsRollsn Accommodates an Abductor WedgeSkillbuilders Strap Wedges for exercise therapy and adaptive pediatric positioning. Two 5"W hook-and-loop straps provide support when positioning the child. Accommodates an Abductor BODY POSITIONERS Half Rolls/ Wedge (sold separately, below left). Made of Raised Rolls molded foam with integral waterproof coating for easy cleaning. 20"W x 22"LAbductor Half Rolls/ #30-10204"H$337.00 eaWedges Raised Rolls #30-10216"H$356.75 ea#30-10228"H$383.00 eanEconomical with waterproof coating nAntimicrobial protection #30-102310"H$419.00 eaSkillbuilders Positioners are made of aTumble Forms2 Positioners feature a 24"W x 26"Lmolded foam with integral waterproof coating forwipeable vinyl coating with antimicrobial protection#30-10246"H$405.00 eaeasy cleaning. Use Wedges under back, arm, orto help inhibit the growth of odor- and stain-causing#30-10258"H$430.00 ealeg for functional positioning. Place Rolls underbacteria. Wedges help strengthen gross motor#30-102610"H$473.75 eaknees for weighted ankle lifts. Includes a webbingactivities such as rolling and tumbling. Rolls aid with#30-102712"H$522.75 eastrap for easy carrying and storage. Half Rollsbalance, forearm and hand control, coordination, andCalifornia residents, see below.provide a stable base for knee flexion or extension.weight-bearing. Includes a strap for easy carrying Hook-and-loop fastener on bottom anchors Roll. Alland storage. Half Roll provides a stable base for styles accommodate an Abductor Wedge (soldbolster sitting, side leaning, and prone positioning. separately, below). Hook on wedge bottom matesHook-and-loop fastener on bottom anchors Roll. Side 1with any loop. Not made with natural rubber latex. WEDGEITEM #PRICEWEDGEITEM #PRICE20"W x 22"L x 4"H#30-1010$212.75 ea 20"W x 22"L x 6"H#3810$397.75 ea20"W x 22"L x 6"H#30-1011$216.00 ea 20"W x 22"L x 8"H#3811$463.75 ea Side 220"W x 22"L x 8"H#30-1012$254.75 ea 20"W x 22"L x 10"H#3812$598.00 ea20"W x 22"L x 10"H#30-1013$314.75 ea 24"W x 28"L x 6"H#3813$545.75 ea24"W x 26"L x 6"H#30-1014$301.75 ea 24"W x 28"L x 8"H#3814$549.00 eaFAX800.437.2966 24"W x 26"L x 8"H#30-1015$316.75 ea 24"W x 28"L x 10"H#3815$716.75 ea24"W x 26"L x 10"H#30-1016$361.75 ea 24"W x 28"L x 12"H#3816$780.00 ea nPositions patient at higher or24"W x 26"L x 12"H#30-1017$430.00 eaROLL lower height ROLL 24"L x 4" diam #3800$251.75 ea Skillbuilders Bi-Height Wedges allow 24"L x 4" diam#30-1000$130.00 ea 24"L x 6" diam #3801$302.75 ea patients to be positioned at a higher or lower 24"L x 6" diam #30-1001$176.75 ea 24"L x 8" diam #3802$367.75 ea height by using either side of wedge. High molded 800.225.2610AliMed.com 24"L x 8" diam #30-1002$194.00 ea 36"L x 8" diam #3803$475.75 ea sides give lateral support. Positioning strap for 36"L x 8" diam #30-1003$247.75 ea 36"L x 10" diam #3804$546.00 ea security. Accommodates an Abductor Wedge (sold 36"L x 10" diam #30-1004$271.75 ea 36"L x 12" diam #3805$666.75 ea separately at left). Made of molded foam withHALF ROLL/RAISED ROLL 48"L x 12" diam #3806$906.00 ea integral waterproof coating for easy cleaning.4"W x 18"L x 2"H#30-1230$79.75 ea 48"L x 14" diam #3807$949.00 ea18"W x 22"LSIDE 1/SIDE 2PRICE4"W x 18"L x 3"H#30-1231$112.75 eaHALF ROLL/RAISED ROLL #30-12404"H/6"H$377.75 ea6"W x 24"L x 41 2 "H#30-1232$159.75 ea 6"W x 24"L x 41 2 "H#3114$275.00 ea #30-12418"H/10"H$415.75 ea8"W x 30"L x 6"H#30-1233$216.75 ea 8"W x 30"L x 6"H#3115$377.75 ea22"W x 26"L SIDE 1/SIDE 2PRICE ABDUCTOR WEDGE Additional shipping charges may apply.#30-12426"H/8"H$473.75 ea6"W x 6"L x 6"H#30-1018$102.75 ea California residents, see below. #30-124310"H/12"H$533.75 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 36 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'