b'Protective HeadgearHard exterior withn Absorbs shock from all directionsPATIENT SAFETYcomfortable foam linern Full coverage Gamebreaker Scrum Cap Headgear Helps prevent Lightweight, breathable, protective helmets protectlacerations and with ventilation back and sides of head. Adjustable chin strap offerscontusionsHard Shell Helmets snug, comfortable fit. Web-shell design for adequate Headgear is bothventilation. Helmet will help absorb impact no comfortable and effectivematter the direction of the fall. Also helps prevent in reduc ing head injurylacerations and contusions. Allows patients to use 100% of their peripheral vision. risk. Fully ventilated to limit heat buildup. Strong polyethylene shellExpandable EVA and LYCRADurableWashable covers shock-absorbent foam liner.Sizing: Measure head circumference. XS, 18"-19";Deluxe model includes chin strapS, 191/2"-201/2"; M, 21"-22"; L, 221/2" -23"; XL, 231/2"-24"; and three-snap on/off visor. Deluxe Helmet XXL, 241/2"-26".17-oz. overall average weightFoam linerBlack #712178XS$144.75 ea#712181L$144.75 ea Allows 100% #712179S$144.75 ea#712182XL$144.75 ea peripheral vision#711725HELMET$184.75 ea#711726DELUXE HELMET$192.75 ea #712180M$144.75 ea#712183XXL$144.75 eaPROTECTIVE HEADGEARSpecify size. See chart below.Specify Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Silver. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.nHard and shock-absorbing, yet lightweightHard Comfy Cap HelmetsLightweight helmet made with compression-molded inner foam liner attached to hard plastic exterior.PinkSame comfortable fit asWell-ventilated andWhiteSoft model (see below).retains limited body heat (Chin straps Very well-ventilated, retains limited body heat.Blue sold separately)3 oz.Easy to clean with soap and water; towel-dry nEasy to customize for maximum protection Silver-grey linerCreamA-Flex Protective HeadgearFlexible plasticSizing: Measure head circumference. Pediatric: S, 40-43 #711724$153.00 ea readily conforms to varying head shapeseasy tocm; M, 43-46 cm; L, 46-48 cm; XL, 48-51 cm. Adult: XS, Specify size. See chart below.fit on demand. Absorbs shock across the entire51-53 cm; S, 53-56 cm; M, 56-58 cm; L, 58-61 cm; XL, 61-64 California residents, see left page. surface without cracking or allowing penetration.cm; XXL, 64-66 cm.Headgear is equipped with easy-to-adjust straps,#712689*PEDIATRIC$182.75 eanMaximumminimizing the need for chin straps. Posterior strap#712690*ADULT$182.75 ealocks below the mastoids and accommodates#712932**CHIN STRAP$20.75 eaventilation size variations, while side straps are used to aid#712933ADJ. STRAP REPLACEMENT KIT$50.75 kitSoft Comfy Capin putting on and taking off the helmet. Use of*Specify size and White, Blue, or Pink.FAX800.437.2966HelmetsSoft,side straps and side slits is optional. Ventilation**Specify White, Blue, or Pink. lightweight helmet madeholes help reduce trapped heat. Trims easilyDoes not include chin strap. of compression-moldedwith scissors. Chin Strap not includedcan beCalifornia residents, see left page.foam. Head-huggingordered separately (see at right).design offers a uniquelyClinical indications: Postoperative craniectomy or comfortable fit. ProvidescraniotomyCranial vault reconstruction or otherA-Flex helmets require a physiciansmaximum ventilation andHead-hugging cranial surgerySill anomaliesSeizure disorders order. Shipment to a consumer requires AliMed.com 800.225.2610retains limited body heat.and comfortableSelf-injurious behavior related to head banging, hairconfirmation of proper fitting by a physician.pulling, etc.Instability secondary to poor balance and/3 oz.Easy to clean with soap and water; towel dry or equilibrium reactions Silver-Grey#711723$109.00 eaSpecify size. See chart below.n Open-top designCalifornia residents, see left page. HELMET SIZING Halo HelmetsComfortable open-top design with adjustable criss-cross straps for added SIZESOFT SHELLHARD SHELL stability.58 "-thick band of foam surrounds head atINFANT1614"-17"forehead level.34 "W chin strap.XXS1712"-1814"1714"-18"Sizing: XS, 6"W x 4"H x 191/2" circ.; S, 614"W x 41/2"H xXS19"-1934"1914"-20"2114" circ.; M, 61/2"W x 41/2"H x 22" circ.; L, 634"W x 5"H xS2034"-2112"2012"-2114"231/2" circ.; XL, 634"W x 61/2"H x 241/2" circ. M2112"-2214"2112"-2214"#31735PINK $217.75 ea L23"-2334"2212"-2314"#31736ROYAL BLUE$217.75 ea XL24"-2434"2412"-2514" #31737TAN$217.75 ea XXL2512"-2614"26"-2634"Specify size. California residents, see left page. 35'