b'Hand/Wrist/Thumb OrthosesORTHOPEDIC BRACINGAdult model shownLight Blue shown PDACPediatric model with Comfy terrycloth cover shown APPROVEDPDAC PDAC n Allows ulnar/radial deviationAPPROVED APPROVED Deviation Hand OrthosesUnique swivel joint nAdjustable thumb support keepsn Adjust each finger individually below wrist allows ulnar or radial deviation. Splint thumb in functional position Hand/Wrist Separate Finger Orthosesadjusts 85 in each direction for deviation. Adjustable Functional Hand/Thumb Orthoses forsupport wrist and whole hand, allowing custominsert allows gradual extension of fingers and wrist. treating nonfixed contractures of wrist, hand,adjustment of each finger individually. FingerBend splint to adjust for a custom fitno heat and fingers. Wings offer thumb support toseparator included. Bendable metal frameor tools required. Reinforced padded spine with prevent adduction without stretching thenarsandwiched between multiple layers of neopreneno exposed edges. Includes two soft washable WRIST AND HAND eminence. Comfy model includes two softpadding. Cover is nonremovable, surface-cleanableterrycloth covers. Fits left or right.washable terrycloth covers. Finger Separatoronly. Straps are fully removable and washable. Pediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart below.sold separately for Pediatric model, included#52511*PEDIATRIC, LEFT$56.75 ea Adult sizing (Navy): One size.with Adult model. Comfyprene model has#52512*PEDIATRIC, RIGHT$56.75 ea #78051*PEDIATRIC$113.00 eanonremovable neoprene cover. Fits left or right. #51948ADULT, LEFT$56.75 ea #510748ADULT$90.75 eaPediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart below, right.#52118ADULT, RIGHT$56.75 ea *Specify size. California residents, see below. Adult sizing: One size. Specify Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.Suggested code: L3807 PEDIATRIC *Available in Pediatric Large only. See chart below. California residents, see below. #510433*COMFY, TERRYCLOTH (2 COVERS)$147.00 ea Suggested code: L3807 Adult model#52200*FINGER SEPARATOR$11.00 ea shown#52159**COMFYPRENE, NEOPRENE$54.75 ea ADULT Adult model shown#510345COMFY, TERRYCLOTH (2 COVERS)$93.00 ea#51712REPL. TERRYCLOTH COVER$42.75 ea PDAC#5215COMFYPRENE, NEOPRENE$48.75 ea APPROVED*Specify size. **Specify size and Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.nAntimicrobial material forSpecify Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.skin breakdown preventionCalifornia residents, see below. Suggested code: L3807 Opposition Hand/Thumb Headliner Orthoses support weak or deformed hands with PDAC comfort. Bends-to-fit reinforced spine for all wrist, n Adjustable ROM APPROVED forearm, and thumb needs. Antimicrobial headliner material for skin breakdown prevention is super Spring-Loaded Goniometer Hand Orthosessoft and washable. Five soft strap closures to offer a gentle push to extend wrist, or can behand, wrist, fingers, and thumb with comfortable set in fixed, static position. Set range of wristthumb placement in separate enclosure. Side wings FAX800.437.2966 flexion or extension by adjusting Goniometer dial.prevent ulnar and radial deviation.Fully adjustable forearm, MP, PIP, and DIP joints.Pediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart below.Includes two soft washable terrycloth covers. Adult sizing (Navy): Measure from wrist to tip of middle PDAC Fits left or right. finger. Adult Small, 6"-7"; Adult, 7"-8".APPROVED Pediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart below.PEDIATRICnGraduated finger rolls Adult sizing (Navy): One size.#78049*LEFT$143.00 ea800.225.2610AliMed.com #78060*PEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)$225.75 ea #78050*RIGHT$143.00 eaFinger Extender Hand Orthoses for#51592ADULT (2 COVERS)$273.00 eamore severe flexor pattern of wrist and fingers.*Specify size. ADULTIncrease finger extension by using graduatedCalifornia residents, see below. #52685**ADULT SMALL$75.00 eafinger rolls and extending spine. IncludesSuggested code: E1805 #52684**ADULT$75.00 eatwo different-sized firm hand rolls. Bend-to-fit*Specify size. **Specify Left or Right. reinforced spine is padded with no exposedCalifornia residents, see below. edges. Includes two soft washable terryclothSuggested code: L3807covers. Fits left or right.Pediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart at right. Comfy/Comfyprene Pediatric Hand/Wrist Size ChartAdult sizing (Navy): One size. SIZEWRIST TO TIP OF MIDDLE FINGERTOTAL SPLINT LENGTHAVERAGE AGE#78058*PEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)$129.75 ea COMFYCOMFYPRENECOMFYCOMFYPRENE#51591ADULT (2 COVERS)$91.00 ea S21 2 "-31 2 "21 2 "-31 2 "741 2 "UP TO 4 YEARS#51715REPL. COVER FOR #51591$41.75 ea M3"-41 2 "3"-41 2 "87"4 TO 9 YEARS*Specify size.L41 2 "-6"41 2 "-6"91 2 "9"9 TO SMALL ADULTCalifornia residents, see below. Comfy terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size. S: Purple; M: Turquoise; L: Emerald Green.Suggested code: L3807 Comfyprene covers come in Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue (specify color).California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 70 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'