b'Balance/Core StrengtheningTHERAPEUTIC EXERCISEJuniornFunctional balance trainer jumping, strength, endurance13" diam. TOGU Jumper Stability DomesMultifunctional and plyometric training tool for jumping, swinging, strength, endurance, and conditioning. Extremely dynamic rebound effect. 7" diam. More stability for joints and ankles. No-slip surface BALANCE/CORESTRENGTHENINGand better grip material. Pro model has solid n Use dome or flat-side up plate that creates a plain surface on the backside. n For therapy or play Junior model is ideal for children or one leg Balance StonesA versatile addition to anyWobble BallsCan be used for vestibularexercises. Included screw attaches and removes therapy or play regimen. Use to practice andstimulation, core training, and general balancequickly to use different sub surfaces for balance, reinforce coordination, proprioception, and balance.exercises. Adjust the level of difficulty by adding orcoordination, and strengthening exercises in a Stones can be partially filled with water or sand forremoving air. Use the dome curved-side down asstanding position.added safety and stability. Use upside down as aa seat, rocker board, or to kneel on for vestibular 440-lb. capacityRegular and Pro: 2012" diameter mini-vestibular disc.activities. With the flat side down, use for balance, Junior: 14 14 " diametercore and strengthening exercises. #318277" diam, GREEN$11.75 ea 8"H x 18" diameter200-lb. capacity #33098REGULAR$260.00 ea#3182813" diam, BLUE$24.00 ea #33099PRO$290.00 ea#33105$64.75 ea #33100JUNIOR$156.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.MediumWalk heel-to-toeFirmFAX800.437.2966n Ridges target tight musclesThera-Roll Foam Rollers help increase strength, improve balance, and assist in self-massage. Dense closed-cell foam with38 "H firmAliMed.com 800.225.2610ridges helps relieve muscle tightness and n Offers adjustable inflation n Increase stability enhances ability to target specific trigger points during self-massage. Ridges also offer a stable Inflatable Exercise BallsAid in vestibularBalance BeamsSupersoft foam with baseenvironment for high-risk users during balance movement, equilibrium therapy, stretching,for walking heel-to-toe, improving lower and uppertraining and add a tactile element to any core and strength programs. Nonslip PVC vinylbody stabilization and coordination. Use forstrengthening program. Closed-cell foam resists surface ribbed for extra security. Balls may beexercise and rehab to improve gait and dynamicdirt and wipes clean, promoting a cleaner underinflated for a soft feel or fully inflated for abalance. Not made with natural rubber latex. appearance longer than with traditional foam firm, bouncy feel. Available in five color-codedStandard: 6"W x 63"L x 2 12 "H3 lbs.XL: 16"W x 38"L xrollers. Available in Medium (2-lb. density) or Firm sizes. 300-lb. static weight capacity. 2 1 / 2 "H5 lbs.(4-lb. density).Yellow: 2 lbs.Red: 3 lbs.Green, Blue, and Silver: 4 lbs. #78127STANDARD$171.75 ea 7" diameter#33106YELLOW, 45 cm$14.00 ea #32748XL$164.75 ea #31710BLUE, MEDIUM, 18"L$46.00 ea#33107RED, 55 cm$17.00 ea Additional shipping charges may apply.#31942BLUE, MEDIUM, 36"L$86.75 ea#33108GREEN, 65 cm$21.00 ea California residents, see left page. #31943PURPLE, FIRM, 18"L$87.75 ea#33109BLUE, 75 cm$26.00 ea #31944PURPLE, FIRM, 36"L$103.75 ea#33110SILVER, 85 cm$32.00 ea California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. Patent #7,918,77485'