b'CircumcisionCatheterizationSURGICAL ACCESSORIESnOne-physician use for quick proceduresGomco Circumcision ClampsnSymmetrical balloon n Choice of Clear VinylChrome-plated brass. for improved reliability or Red Rubber Latex ITEM #DESCRIPTIONSIZE (CM)PRICETwo-Way Foley Catheters include aIntermittent Urethral Catheters are suitable #98CLA6-1EXTRA SMALL7 16 " (1.1)$251.75 ea symmetrical balloon for improved reliability.for male or female catheterization, featuring a #98CLA6-2NEWBORN1 2 " (1.3) $251.75 ea Pediatric Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latexsmooth tip and funnel end. Clear Vinyl Catheter #98CLA6-3INFANT9 16 " (1.45)$251.75 ea model increases patient comfort and resistshas staggered eyes for maximum flow. Sterile. Not CIRCUMCISIONCATHETERIZATION#98CLA6-4CHILD5 8 " (1.6)$254.75 ea encrustation. Includes stylet. Contains latex. 100%made with natural rubber latex. Universal Red #98CLA6-5YOUTH13 16 " (2.1) $293.75 ea Silicone Catheter is completely inert to minimizeRubber Latex model is for use with all patient #98CLA6-6ADULT1" (2.6)$335.75 ea tissue irritation during extended indwelling use.types and has two large opposing eyes for #98CLA6-7ADULT11 8 " (2.9)$335.75 ea Firm tip for easy insertion. SelectSilicone styleoptimum drainage. Funnel end is radiopaque. 1 has a radiopaque strip for easy visualization duringNonsterile. Contains latex. #98CLA6-8ADULT1 34 " (3.2)$335.75 ea scans. Not made with natural rubber latex.#98CLA6-9ADULT1 8 " (3.5)$335.75 eaCLEAR VINYL, PEDIATRIC, 30/CSCalifornia residents, see left page.SILICONE-ELASTOMER COATED LATEX, 12/CS #9334688 FR x 10"L$30.00 cs#933477PEDIATRIC, 10 FR, 3cc BALLOON$66.75 csRED RUBBER LATEX, UNIVERSAL, 12/CS 100% SILICONE, 10/CS#9334708 FR x 16"L$28.75 cs#933474PEDIATRIC, 10 FR, 3cc BALLOON $106.75 cs #93347110 FR x 16"L$30.75 cs#933473SELECTSILICONE, 18 FR, California residents, see left page.30cc BALLOON$106.75 csCalifornia residents, see left page.nBoard and strap setCircumstraintfor fast immobilization of newborns (4 to 16 lbs.) for use during circumcision, transfusion, infusion, scalp IV,n Adhesive surface forcatheterization, blood exchanges, minor surgery,spill-proof containerX-ray, and other neonatal medical procedures. Complete with four adjustable VELCRO-brandPediatric Urine Collectors nUrine drains directlystraps for securing arms and legs. Designed to make urineinto specimen container#98IMM1-1$485.75 ea collection easy for pediatricSpeci-Cath Urine Collection KitsCatheter is FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. patients. Adhesive surface holdspre-inserted into the specimen tube to help ensure securely, removes easily, and folds to form a spill- sterile technique. Urine drains directly into proof specimen transport container. Available inspeciman container for ease of use. Kit includes: Sterile or Nonsterile. 50/cs. 15 mL specimen tube with cap and ID label, #933507STERILE$45.00 cs catheter (choice of size), vinyl gloves, PVP swab #933508NONSTERILE$32.00 cs sticks, lubricating jelly, and fenestrated drape. NotAliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page. made with natural rubber latex. 25/cs.#933465w/5 FR x 9"L CATHETER $149.75 cs#933466w/8 FR x 9"L CATHETER $109.75 csCalifornia residents, see left page.n I ncludes 100 straps MoreArista Baby Board Straps are madeSurgicalspecifically to immobilize infants during circumcision procedures. InstrumentsFour 10"L straps per set, includes 25 sets (100 strapsonline!total)Esther/tricotNot made with natural rubber latex#98CLA6-18$119.00 csCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com/surgical-instruments19'