b'IMAGING/SURGICAL POSITIONERSAliLite PositionersUp to 50% lighter than gel-only positionersLightweight Precontoured Gel PositionersAliLite Positioners are precontoured to reduce pressure by distributing weight over a larger surface area. Up to 50% lighter than comparable gel-only products, AliLite gel-topped foam positioners are easierSurface Overlayssold separately at to handle, impervious to fluids, naturallyAliMed.com/positionersbacteriostatic, and feature a stable, nonskid base. AliLite gel is made of dry viscoelastic polymers and includes a 24-month warranty against manufacturing defects. ALILITEVisit AliMed.com/positioners for our full line of AliLite Positioners. Adult 914"W shown52 7 34 " diam.1 " diam.Supine HeadrestsErgonomically shapedHead DonutsProtect the head, neck, and to position head for eye surgery and otherears. Offloads occipital protrusion to protect supine procedures to help protect against pressurethe patient from pressure injuries and possible Lightweight Impervious Easy toinjuries. Stabilizes head while providing easyblindness. Recommended for supine and to fluids clean access to face and top of cranium. lithotomy. Also use in prone toprotect knees. Pediatric: 9"W x 10 34 "L x 212"H3.0 lbs.Adult: 914"W xHygienic Donut Covers sold separately, below.10 34 "L x 3 12 "H6.2 lbs. Pediatric: 114"H x 5 12 " diam.0.65 lb.Adult: 214"H x #937884PEDIATRIC$290.00 ea 7 34 " diam.1.45 lbs. #931874ADULT$326.75 ea #931556PEDIATRIC$113.75eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #931555ADULT$150.75 eaPrecontoured Bacteriostatic#937280*HYGIENIC COVER, 100/pk$35.75 pksurface *Fits Adult Donuts only. California residents, see left page.Large20"Lshown 1 3527 4 ""diam. diam. 9"W 11"LFAX800.437.2966Contoured to provide HorseshoesSupport patients face in aProne HeadrestsPosition patients head 6"W maximum surface support lateral position to offload ocular pressure.comfortably with respiratory tubes in place. Opening allows access for intubation. Also use forUnique design provides excellent support, Knee SupportsContoured pad forprone positioning with patients head turned tostability, and protection during surgery in prone. maximum surface contact and pressureside. Pediatric: 712"W x 9"L x 5"H6.95 lbs.Adult: 9"W x protection in prone.1Pediatric: 114"H x 5 2 " diam.0.55 lb.Adult: 214"H x11"L x 6"H7.4 lbs. AliMed.com 800.225.26106"W x 1 38 "HS: 15 34 "L2.9 lbs.L: 20"L3.3 lbs. 7 34 " diam.1.4 lbs.#931697PEDIATRIC$233.75 ea#937889S$144.00 ea #931554PEDIATRIC$117.75 ea #931696ADULT$294.75 ea#937888L$172.75 ea #931553ADULT$136.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Armboard PadsCradle the arm and STANDARD Standard Longprovide effective pressure relief during a#931551SHORT$70.75 eavariety of surgical procedures. Standard design#931552LONG$101.75 eaoffers a slight indentation while the Contoured2312"Ldesign is anatomically shaped to conform to CONTOUREDpatients body for added pressure redistribution.#937889SHORT$144.00 ea Contoured LongStandard Short: 5"W x 15 34 "L x34 "H0.95 lb. #937888LONG$172.75 ea Standard Long: 5"W x 23 12 "L x34 "H1.4 lbs. California residents, see left page. Contoured Short: 6"W x 15 34 "L x 1 25 "H2.9 lbs.3 8 20"L Contoured Long: 6"W x 20"L x 1"H3.3 lbs.15'