b'NickelPlastPlastazote NickelPlast: Orthotics and Socket LinersMATERIALS High-strength, expanded orthotic material with outstandinguniformity, NickelPlast can be used for PTB liners, insoles,NickelPlast-LiteNickelPlast-LiteNickelPlast-SNickelPlast X-Firmfoot orthotic postings, and other applications. Tough and tear-resistant and resists bottoming out. When heated, it yields easily to complex molding and shrinks about 15% when fully heated. When cooled, it hardens approximately five Shore A points. Heat-moldable. Sold in sheets.NickelPlast-Lite: Medium NickelPlast-S: Firm NickelPlast X-Firm: X-FirmSuperior to PE-LITEProven in PTB liners Tougher than crepeNickelPlast-Lite has all the properties of PE- NickelPlast-S improves the quality and durabilitySo tough you can outsole heavy-duty shoes. LITE but with enhanced quality control. Higherof your PTB inserts. Resists compression. Can be used for AK and BK polyethylene content offers a smooth surface,socket liners and biomechanical corrections on foot great for a socket liner. orthoses.NICKELPLAST PLASTAZOTE THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE3 16 " WHITE37" x 49"#4820$50.00 sh 18 " BALSA39" x 43"#4791$59.50 sh 18 " BROWN35" x 39"#4801$52.75 sh3 16 " BLUE37" x 49"#4821$50.00 sh 316 " BALSA39" x 43"#4792$78.50 sh 316 " BROWN35" x 39"#4802$66.00 sh3 8 " BLUE37" x 49"#4823$102.00 sh 14 " BALSA39" x 43"#4793$86.75 sh 14 " BROWN35" x 39"#4803$79.75 shCalifornia residents, see below. 316 " BALSA5 12 " x 13" 38 " BROWN35" x 39"#4804$114.00 shAdditional shipping charges may apply.12 " BROWN35" x 39"#4805$136.00 shCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.Plastazote: Orthotics and Lightweight Splints#1, Pink #2, White#3, BlackHigh-quality, lightweight, closed-cell polyethylene foam is nontoxic and hypoallergenic for use in direct contact with the skin. Heat-moldable, grindable, and Plastazote Plastazote Plastazotewashable. Not made with natural rubber latex.Sold in sheets.Plastazote #1: Medium Plastazote #2: Firm Plastazote #3: X-FirmEnhances total contact Retains cushioning properties longer Lightweight, rigid splints and orthoticsMolds quickly in response to weight-bearing,More supportive and retains its cushioningOften used as the supportive filler on the base layer enhancing total contact and making it great forproperties longer. of foot orthoses. Use for constructing lightweight-splint padding and orthotic top layers. but-rigid splints and orthotics.FAX800.437.2966 THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE THICKNESSW x LITEM #PRICE1 16 " PINK40" x 40"#41119$18.75 sh 1 4 " WHITE30" x 40" #41114$23.75 sh 1 8 " BLACK30" x 40"#41117$63.00 sh1 8 " PINK40" x 40"#41120$23.75 sh 1 2 " WHITE30" x 40" #41115$39.75 sh 1 4 " BLACK30" x 40"#41118$70.75 sh3 16 " PINK40" x 40"#41121$27.75 sh 3 4 " WHITE30" x 40" #41116$72.75 sh California residents, see below.1 4 " PINK40" x 40"#41122$32.75 sh California residents, see below.1 2 " PINK40" x 40"#41123$53.75 sh800.225.2610AliMed.com 1" PINK40" x 40"#41124$110.00 shCalifornia residents, see below.More sheet sizes at AliMed.com/orthotic-materialsSelf-adhesive padding.Plastazote Self-StickSelf-adhesive padding molds quickly in response to weight-THICKNESSPINKWHITEPRICEbearing. Firmness level: Shore A durometer of 20. Apply to splint blank before heating1 16 " THICK#4430#41288$21.75 rlor forming. Available in Pink or White. 1 8 " THICK#4431#41289$23.75 rl6"W x 36"LThermoplastic closed-cell foamPlastazote #1 3 16 " THICK#4432#41290 $25.75 rl1 4 " THICK#4433#41291$26.75 rlCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 52 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'