b'Hand/Wrist/Shoulder OrthosesORTHOPEDIC BRACINGPediatricRemovablePediatric modelFingermodel shownshown Separator (Adult only)nMultipurpose orthosis for wrists, hands, and fingers PDACStandard Hand OrthosesVersatile,Pediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart on p. 70. APPROVEDmultipurpose orthoses for wrists, hands,Adult sizing (Navy): One size. PDAC and fingers. Bend splint to adjust for a#510431*PEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)$91.00 ean Reinforced padded spine APPROVED custom fitno heat or tools required.#51759*PEDIATRIC REPL. COVER$42.75 eaDorsal Hand Orthoses offer dorsal support Reinforced padded spine with no#510347ADULT (w/FINGER SEPARATOR, 2 COVERS)$85.75 eaof wrist while allowing increased use of fingers.exposed edges. Adult version comes#51710ADULT (w/o FINGER SEPARATOR, 1 COVER)$61.75 eaDorsal design also helps inhibit flexor tone. Bendwith or without removable Finger#513423ADULT REPL. COVER$41.75 easplint to adjust angleno heat or tools required.Separator that can be positioned as#51737ADULT REPL. FINGER SEPARATOR$21.75 eaReinforced padded spine has no exposed edges.needed (not available for Pediatric *Specify size. Includes two soft washable terrycloth covers.model). Includes two soft washableFinger separator not available. WRISTHANDSHOULDERPediatric sizing: Sized by age. See chart below. terrycloth covers. Fits left or right. California residents, see left page.Adult sizing (Navy): One size.Suggested code: L3807#72360*PEDIATRIC, LEFT$99.75 ea #72359*PEDIATRIC, RIGHT$99.75 ea #64326**ADULT$99.75 ea n Bendable metal frame. PDAC*Specify size.Allows finger motion. APPROVED**Specify Left or Right. California residents, see left page.Wrist Cock-Up Orthoses supportPediatric sizing: Suggested code: L3807 wrist in extension while keepingSized by age. SeePEDIATRICWRISTAVG. fingers free. Adjustable to infinitechart on p. 70.SIZEMPSCIRCUMFERENCEAGE degrees of extension. Bendable metalAdult sizing: One size.S0"-3"0-21 2 "UP TO 4 frame sandwiched between multiple#52119*PEDIATRIC$51.75 eaM21 2 "-31 2 "21 2 "-3"4 TO 9 layers of neoprene padding. Cover is#52155ADULT$51.75 ea1 2 1 2 9 to SM. ADULT nonremovable, surface-cleanable only.Specify Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue.L4"-5"3"-4" Straps are fully removable and washable.*Specify size. California residents, see left page. Comfy terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size.Fits left or right.Suggested code: L3908S: Purple; M: Turquoise; L: Emerald Green. Arm/Shoulder SlingsNew Toddler size!nHolds upper arm nEvenly supports weight of armagainst body to eliminate pressure pointsJoslin Swathegently holdsJoslin Ultimate Arm Sling Sling pouch FAX800.437.2966upper arm against body. Usestretches to adjust to length of arm from elbow with Ultimate Arm Sling (see at right)to wrist. Soft hand and thumb loops ensureto immobilize arm. Fabric adheres toarm is held securely in place. Cradles arm and hook-and-loop so it can be adjusted andevenly supports weight, virtually eliminating secured at any length. Fits left or right.painful pressure points. Soft back strap is easy#52738TODDLER/SM. CHILD$27.50 eaHand-wash, air-dryBlack on neck. Swathe available separately (see at#51940CHILD/SM. ADULT$30.00 ealeft). Fits left or right.#51941ADULT$30.50 ea Sizing: Child/Sm. Adult, 50-90 lbs.; Adult, 90-250 lbs.; Goliath, 250+ lbs.AliMed.com 800.225.2610#51945CHILD/SM. ADULT$28.75 ea Hand-wash, air-dryBlack #51942PRO-3XL$35.75 ea#51944ADULT$32.75 ea Sizing: Toddler/Sm. Child, 25-50 lbs.; Child/Sm. Adult,#51943GOLIATH$67.75 ea#51946GOLIATH$53.75 ea 50-90 lbs.; Adult, 90-250 lbs.; Pro-3XL, 225-300 lbs.;California residents, see left page.Goliath, 300+ lbs.California residents, see left page.n Economical n Universal sizeArm SlingsMuslin with whiteFits-All SlingsDeep, twill pocket positions hand, trim. XS includes three nontoxicelbow, and shoulder. Shoulder strap with perforated crayons so patient can decoratevinyl pad and double D-ring hook-and-loop closure. sling. Fits left or right. 10/pk. Adjusts by folding sling at elbow and attaching hook-Hand-wash, air-drySling pouch: and-loop closure. One size. Fits left or right. XS, 12"W x 5"H; S, 15"W x 6"H Hand-wash, air-dryNavy#5008XS$68.75 pk #5967$18.25 ea#5009S$68.75 pk California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.71'