b'Arch Supportsn Stabilizes rearfootFOOT ORTHOTICS DFS(Dynamic Foot Stabilizer) provides specific support to help control foot rotation, reduce pronation, and stabilize the rearfoot. Ideal for early pediatric treatment to help control flat feet and pronation as a result of having worn a Denis-Browne Bar, pediatric growing pains, and cookie replacement. Long lateral flange for controlling abduction. 5 offset heel seat significantly reduces and decelerates pronatory motion at the subtalar joint and controls midtarsal joint motion in horizontal plane. Also recommended for adults prone to hallux abducto valgus or transverse plane rotation. Fits in most shoes. Sizing: Should be fit by trial and error. Sizes given are approximate with shoe size. 5 medial post reduces andHigh medial and lateral flanges INFANT/CHILDCHILD/YOUTHADULT decelerates pronatory motion at theprovide specific control of subtalar joint and controls midtarsalcalcaneus and medial columnSHOE SIZE ITEM #SHOE SIZEITEM #WMNS SIZESMENS SIZESITEM # joint motion in horizontal plane4-51 2 #602029-101 2 #60205 3-41 2 #60209 Long lateral 6-7#6020311-121 2 #60206 5-61 2 #60211 flange controls 71 2 -81 2 #60204 13-131 2 #60207 7-81 2 6-71 2#60212 abduction of $42.75 pr1-21 2 #60208 9-108-91 2#60213 the forefoot 1 (H.A.V.)$42.75 pr10-10 2#60214California residents, see below. 11-12#60215121 2 -13#60218Fit from your own set!Special Price! 113 2 +#60219ARCH SUPPORTS #60216 PEDI SET, ONE PR EACH SIZE$42.75 pr M L$220.75 set ($31.54 pr) SAVE $78.50! California residents, see below.California residents, see below. 5n Chronic heel nHigh-performance, n Moldable footbedpain relief anti-fatigue insole Comf-Orthotic Extra Comf-OrthoticInsolesComf-Orthotic SportsCushioning Replacement are an all-in-one medial archReplacement InsolesAnti- InsolesSoft, breathable, and support, metatarsal pad,fatigue performance insolesdurable top layer conforms to and heel cushion. Provenfor treating plantar fasciitis inthe foot to create a custom-effective for treating heelshoes with removable insoles.molded foot bed. Provides extra pain resulting from plantar Trilaminate materials offer acushioning and a protective layerfasciitis. Adhesive back.38 "H. slightly firmer support, making it a for those suffering from loss ofSizing: See below. comfortable alternative for those who natural fat padding.3 cant tolerate rigid insoles. Sizing: See below.#6219* 4 -LENGTH, ADULT$19.50 pr#6218*FULL-LENGTH, ADULT$19.50 pr Sizing: See below. #66508*ADULT$34.75 pr#66504**3 4 -LENGTH, PEDIATRIC$17.25 pr #66577*ADULT$30.00 pr #66509**PEDIATRIC$30.00 pr#66505**FULL-LENGTH, PEDIATRIC$17.25 pr #66507**PEDIATRIC$20.75 pr *Specify size and Wmns or Mens. *Specify size and Wmns or Mens. **Specify size.*Specify size and Wmns or Mens. **Specify size.**Specify size. California residents, see below. California residents, see below. California residents, see below.Sizing: Pedi: XS, 10-111 2 ; S, 12-131 2 ; M, 1-21 2 ; L, 3-41/2. Wmns: XS, 41 2 -51 2 ; S, 6-7; M, 71 2 -81 2 ; L, 9-10; XL, 101 2 -111 2 . Mens: XS, 5-61 2 ; S, 7-81 2 ; M, 9-91 2 ; M/L,10-11; L, 111 2 -121 2 ; XL,13-141 2 ; XXL, 15-161 2 . (XS and XXL not available in Comf-Orthotic Insoles #6219 and #6218).FAX800.437.2966 nThermomoldable for custom adjustmentsn Progressive arch GloboTec Junior corrects for childrens growing feet and supports foot arches for pediatricnRigid plate limits motionplanovalgus feet. Adds stability and improves 800.225.2610AliMed.com Arch AngelsInsoles are designed to offerposture. Deep heel cup guides foot for betterCarboplast Thermoplastic Flat Plates comfort and support for childrens growing feet.stability and motion control. Flexible with softlimit foot motion for conditions such as turf toe or With Progressive Arch Design insole technology,edges. Alcantara washable layer. Shell grindshallux rigidus. Footwear can be made rigid without the arch height of each progressive size increases aseasily. Thermomoldable for custom adjustments.removing shoes sole. Customize by grinding or a childs foot grows. Use them to relieve common3/4-length fits easily in shoes.heat-molding. Shape using a Convection Oven muscle fatigue from excess foot motion, maintainSizing: Determined by shoe size. ( #70389 , p. 54) at 400F for three to seven minutes. proper alignment and balance, support the arch, and#31080510000022PEDIATRIC 5-6$51.25 pr More Adult styles at AliMed.com.stabilize the heel. Shock-absorbing outer layer offers#31080510000024PEDIATRIC 7-712$51.25 pr Sizing: XS, Child 9-11; S, Child 13-Youth 1; M, Youth 4-6, comfort. Inner layer gives gradual, flexible support.#31080510000026PEDIATRIC 8-9$51.25 pr Wmns 5-7; L, Wmns 7-9, Mens 6-8; XL, Wmns 10-12,3/4-length fits into most enclosed shoes. Not made#31080510000028PEDIATRIC 10-11$51.25 pr Mens 9-11.with natural rubber latex. #31080510000030PEDIATRIC 12-13$51.25 pr #65176$43.25 eaSizing: XS fits toddler shoe size 6-8; S fits toddler shoe#31080510000032PEDIATRIC 1312-YOUTH 1$51.25 pr Specify Flexible, Semirigid, or Rigid and size. size 9-10; M fits child shoe size 11-12; L (Youth S) fits youth #31080510000034YOUTH 2-3$51.25 pr California residents, see below. shoe size 13-1; XL (Youth M) fits youth shoe size 2-3. #31080510000036YOUTH 4-5$51.25 pr#66458$22.00 pr #31080510000038YOUTH 6-7$51.25 prSpecify size. California residents, see below. #31080510000040YOUTH 8-9, MENS 7-8$51.25 prCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement California residents, see below.WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 48 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'