b'Cleaner,IMAGING/SURGICAL POSITIONERSCurved edges for fewer artifacts Start your risk-free14-day trial today!AliMed.com/invisicoatclearer imagesRounded construction InvisiCoat positioner Conventional positionerINVISICOATwith curved edges with straight edgesreduces artifactsDisplaysReduces witness wide witnessWatch a video demonstration! lines and artifacts lines and artifactsAliMed.com/invisicoatA.B. High-density,closed-cell foam optionOccipital Head SupportsIdeal for procedures where attention to head FAX800.437.2966stabilization is important. Provides access to faceF.during eye surgery and other supine procedures. E.10"W x 10"L x 4"H#938102$221.75 ea D.California residents, see left page. C. AliMed.com 800.225.2610WedgesSmall, lower angle 15 and 20 Wedges are versatile for positioning the lower torso and pelvis. Double-angle 35/55 Wedges support the lumbar spine, ribs, and obliques, or place under the rib cage to twist upper torso. 45 Wedges provide the proper angle for cervical and spine imaging, AP oblique pelvis projection, and other lateral, lower body positioning.InvisiCoat PLUS WedgesSame artifact-reducing properties as our standard Wedges with a high-density, closed-cell foam designed for larger patients to ensure stabilitywont bottom out!9" diam.15: 912"W x 1012"L x 234"H20: 812"W x 11"L x 334"H35/55: 912"W x 634"H45: 7"W x 7"Hshown INVISICOATINVISICOAT PLUSHead DonutsProtect the head, neck, andA.#93855115$120.00 ea A.#93914215$220.00 eaears. Offloads pressure from occipitalB.#93855020$125.00 ea B.#93914120$225.00 eaprotrusion to protect the patient from pressureC.#93810135/55, 14"L$136.00 ea C.#93914035/55, 14"L$239.00 eainjuries and possible blindness. 6/pk. D.#93809935/55, 24"L$242.75 ea D.#93913835/55, 24"L$345.00 eaS: 1 12 "H x 6" diam.L: 1 12 "H x 9" diam. E.#93810045, 24"LBEST SELLER!$201.00 ea E.#93913945, 24"L$304.00 ea#938557S$295.00 pk F.#93855245, 30"L$225.00 ea F.#93914345, 30"L$355.75 ea#938556L$325.00 pk Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.7'