b'AnesthesiaSURGICAL ACCESSORIES Laryngoscopes Resuscitation DevicesnLow resistance,no leakageMiller Blade Single-Patient-Use Ambu-Bags/Manual Resuscitators meet or exceed BS, ISO, and Macintosh Blade ASTM specifications. Patient valve features low-valve resistance with n Expanded size selection n Standard incandescent light no measurable leak forward or backward. Low inspiratory resistance. Disposable. 6/cs.Miller Laryngoscope BladesGold-platedRsch Standard/ConventionalPatient connection: 22 mm O.D./15 mm I.D.Max. dead for easy identification. 3.5V, 0.7-amp Xenon lampLaryngoscope BladesHigh-quality standardspace: 6 mlPEEP connector: 30 mmMR-conditional to yields a high-intensity, fiber-optic-delivered lightincandescent blades require little maintenance.3TeslaPediatric: Resuscitator volume: 635 mlStroke beam. Surgical stainless steel. Lamp included.volume: 450 mlRange of application: 0-66 lbs.Adult: ANESTHESIA MR-conditional to 3Tesla Replacement Bulbs sold separately at AliMed.com. Resuscitator volume: 1,475 mlStroke volume: One hand,SIZEMILLER MACINTOSH 600 ml; Two hands, 1,000 mlRange of application:#921213$199.75 ea66+ lbs. Specify size: 000, 00, 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4BLADE 00#932741#932765PEDIATRIC$240.00 csCalifornia residents, see below. BLADE 0#932742#932764ADULT$191.75 csBLADE 1#932743#932730 California residents, see below.BLADE 2#932744#932731BLADE 3#932745#932732BLADE 3.5 #932733 n Various lengthsMiller BLADE 4#932746#932734 for different $68.75 ea$68.75 ea applicationsCalifornia residents, see below.Pediatric Anesthesia Circuits come in various lengths for different applications. Lightweight, Miller flexible, and patient-safe Macintosh 15-mm Corrugated or Expandable tubing is 100% leak-inspected. Breathing Bags are made of a unique synthetic-rubber blend for optimal feedback for accurate pressure assessment. Options include 1- or 2-Liter Bags with or without RemovableMacintosh a BV Filter. Not made with natural rubber latex. light pipe 20/cs. Adult models at AliMed.com.n Sealed for easy cleaningno crevices!PEDIATRIC CORRUGATED TUBING, 40"Ln Removable light for easy cleaning #9227351-L BAG$210.00 csFAX800.437.2966 Satin Fiber-Optic LaryngoscopeRsch Emerald Laryngoscope Blades #9227391-L BAG, 1 BV FILTER$181.75 csBlades Stainless steel with satin non-glare finish.with a 5-mm diameter fiber-optic light pipe#9227372-L BAG$211.00 csCompatible with all laryngoscopes conformingoffers bright, focused Xenon light. Matte finish#9227402-L BAG, 1 BV FILTER$185.75 csto ASTM F965 or ISO 7376-1. Fiber-optic lighthelps reduce glare from blade. Integrated bundle PEDIATRIC EXPANDABLE TUBING, UP TO 72"Ltransmission provides cool high-Kelvin light fordesign facilitates cleaning by eliminating crevices#9227431-L BAG$205.75 csobstruction-free viewing with true tissue colorand hard-to-reach areas. Color-coding indicates#9227471-L BAG, 1 BV FILTER$232.75 csand long-lasting lamp performance. 2.5V halogencompatibility with other green systems. #9227452-L BAG$213.75 cs800.225.2610AliMed.com illumination. Removable light pipe facilitates cleaning SIZEMILLER MACINTOSH #9227492-L BAG, 1 BV FILTER$204.75 csand service. Green color-coding makes findingBLADE 0#932691California residents, see below.compati ble handles easier.BLADE 1#932692#932686 SIZEMILLER MACINTOSH BLADE 2#932693#932687BLADE 3#932694#932688BLADE 0#932493#932488 BLADE 4 #932689 n AntistaticBLADE 1#932494#932489 $156.75 ea$156.75 ea Face Mask Head BLADE 2#932495#932490 California residents, see below. HarnessesAntistatic/ BLADE 3#932496#932491 conductive synthetic rubber. BLADE 4#932497#932492 Not made with natural $79.00 ea$79.00 ea rubber latex. Nonsterile.California residents, see below. Laryngoscope Handles at#924281CHILD$27.75 eaAliMed.com/laryngoscopy #924282ADULT$29.25 eaCalifornia residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 18 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'