b'IMAGING/SURGICAL POSITIONERSReusable, seamless,Protecta-Coat Positionersand embeddedwith ionic silver AntimicrobialProtecta-Coat Positioners feature a protective vinyl-bonded coating thatand fluid-proofis seamless, impervious to fluids, and embedded with ionic silver. Recommended for use in O.R., MRI, and radiology. The protective vinyl coating offers long-lasting durability and is radiolucent above 60 kVp*. Also available in convenient Sets.Visit AliMed.com/positioners for our full line of Protecta-Coat Positioners. Occipital Head Support sold separately at AliMed.com/positionersEasy to clean Impervious Radiolucentto fluids45 Wedge, Reg. PROTECTA-COAT35/55 Wedge, XS Rectangle Long15 Wedge 20 Wedge 15 WedgeContainsFlame-retardantionic silver 20 Wedge*Procedures at less than 60 kVp may produce slightly visibleSmall Positioning Set Large Positioning Setlines on edges of Protecta-Coat positioners. Always position the patient so that the edge of the block will not be in the image field of concern. When tested at low attenuation of 80 kVp, resultsSmall and Large Positioning Sets are cost-effective and convenient so you always have the indicate an aluminum equivalency of 1%.right size positioner on hand. Sets include a combination of the following (see below for specific set details): Small, lower angle 15 and 20 Wedges are versatile for positioning the lower torso and pelvis. Double-angle 35/55 Wedges support the lumbar spine, ribs, and obliques, or place under the rib cage to twist upper torso. 45 Wedges provide the proper angle for cervical and spine imaging, AP oblique pelvis projection, and other lateral, lower body positioning. X-Small Rectangles position head in supine, lateral, Fowler\'s, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg.XSSmall Positioning Set (one of each): 15 Wedge: 912"W x 1012"L x 234"H; 20 Wedge: 812"W x 11"L x 334"H; XS 7"W 9"L shown Rectangle: 7"W x 9"L x 2"HLarge Positioning Set (one of each): 15 Wedge; 20 Wedge; 35/55 Wedge, Long: 934"W x 24"L x 634"H; 45 Wedge, Reg.: 7"W x 24"L x 7"HSmall RectanglesBest for positioning#936679SMALL POSITIONING SET$194.75 eahead in supine, lateral, Fowlers,#936680LARGE POSITIONING SET$341.75 eaTrendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg. Also use to support and position extremities.California residents, see left page.XS: 7"W x 9"L x 2"H S: 914"W x 14"L x 2"HFAX800.437.2966#924957XS$87.75 ea#924956S$110.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 9" diam. 6" diam.AliMed.com 800.225.261024"LMedium 14"W shown Head DonutsProtect the head, neck,Large RectanglesElevate the body toand ears. Offloads pressure fromoffload pressure on shoulder whenoccipital protrusion to protect the patientplaced under torso. Ideal for fluoroscopy andfrom pressure injuries and possible blindness. for lateral decubitus positioning, especially inRecommended for supine, lithotomy, Fowlers, radiology, and in making lumbar punctures.Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg.Also use to protect knees in prone.Also use for supine and prone.S: 1 12 "H x 6" diam.L: 1 12 "H x 9" diam. Add Hygienic Donut M: 14"W x 24"L x 2"HL: 18"W x 25"L x 4"H #924964HEAD DONUT, S, 6/pk$216.75 pk Covers for infection protection, sold #937336M$193.75 ea #924963HEAD DONUT, L, 6/pk$276.75 pk separately at left#937337L$217.75 ea #937280HYGIENIC DONUT COVER, 100/pk$35.75 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.9'