b'Ankle Contracture BootsORTHOPEDIC BRACINGPDAC PDAC PDACAPPROVED APPROVED APPROVEDSoft Kodel liner promotes air flowPediatricPediatric Standard Boot MPO 2000 nDynamic flex nKodel liner promotes air flown Resists plantarflexion action suppliesand limits heat build-up Standard and Ambulating Boots elevate thecontinuous Multi Podus Orthoses with Transferheel by contours in the boots shell. A cushioned,counterforceAttachment have a synthetic sheepskin linerfleece-lined cover protects the heel, wickingMPO 2000 FOOT AND ANKLEwith securing straps, and float the heel to eliminatemoisture from skin to maintain skin integrity.with Transfer pressure or friction, enhancing blood circulationBoot frame resists plantarflexion while providingAttachment floats vital to healing. Dynamic flex action suppliesa dynamic push to extension for correction ofthe heel to eliminatecontinuous counterforce to the plantar surface offootdrop, foot-ankle contractures, and deformity.MPO 2000Activethe foot, assisting in correction of footdrop, foot/ Adjustable toe post relieves pressure on toes andpressure and/or friction, ankle contractures, and deformity. Lightweightadjusts to accommodate variation in foot sizes.enhancing circulation to aid in healing. Dynamic Kydex shell. Pediatric model includes adjustableAnti-rotation bar is hidden under fleece cover.flex action supplies continuous counterforce to toe post and rotator bar. Adult model includesAmbulating Boot adds a sole pad for transfersplantar surface of foot, assisting in correction of adjustable toe post, rotator bar, and transferand limited ambulation. Both Adult modelsfootdrop, foot/ankle contracture, and deformity. Breathable foam liner wicks moisture while attachment. Both models fit left or right. available with removable soft Headliner cover,maintaining skin integrity. Adjustable toe post Sizing: Pediatric, measure the length of foot. Toddlerfeaturing antimicrobial surface protection to shieldkeeps pressure off toes and can be positioned 31 2 "-41 2 "; Child 41 2 "-6"; Youth 6"-7". Adult, measure fromagainst mold and mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus,to the side for lateral/malleolar ulcers. Includes heel to toe. S, 7"-8" (max. calf circ.: 16"); M, 8"-9" (max.and algae. rotator bar and nonskid transfer attachment. MPO calf circ.: 16"); L, 9"-10" (max. calf circ.: 18"); XL, 10"-11"Sizing: Pediatric: One size fits foot lengths 5"-8" and2000 Active provides all the same attributes as (max. calf circ.: 20"). calf circumferences up to 11". Heel to top back of bootthe MPO 2000 but with a low-profile, removable #65362*PEDIATRIC$139.75 ea measures 7". Fits shoe size Childs 51/2 to Youth 3. Adult:ambulatory attachment, which attaches with #62381S$137.75 ea One size fits foot lengths 8"-13", calf circumferences a simple twist and lock motionno tools #62382M$137.75 ea 12"-16", and foot widths A to EE. Heel to top back of needed.boot measures 111/2". #62383L$137.75 eaPEDIATRIC Sizing: Measure from heel to toe. Youth, 61/2"-9" (max. #62384XL$139.75 ea calf circ.: 13"); S, 7"-8" (max. calf circ.: 15"); M, 8"-9" (max. *Specify Toddler, Child, Youth. Transfer attachment not#66886STANDARD$69.75 ea calf circ.: 17"); L, 9"-10" (max. calf circ.: 17"); XL, 10"-11" available for Pediatric models.#66887AMBULATING$74.75 ea (max. calf circ.: 19"); XXL, 11"-121/2" (max. calf circ.: 19").California residents, see left page.ADULT #66438*MPO 2000$131.75 eaSuggested code: L4396 #64734STANDARD$84.75 ea #66439**MPO 2000 ACTIVE$153.75 ea#64733AMBULATING$117.75 ea Specify size. #66742HEADLINER STANDARD$80.75 ea *Transfer attachment not available in Youth and XXL.FAX800.437.2966nTelescopes up to 3"L#66743HEADLINER AMBULATING$112.75 ea **Not available in XXL or Youth sizes.for a custom fit California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. Suggested code: L4396Suggested code: L4936MPO 2000, L4942MPO ActiveTelescoping Foot Splints provide a custom fit by telescopically adjusting upn Foot plate set at slightly less than 90to 3"L eliminates theFootdrop Splintpreserves natural functional alignment of foot and ankle. Helps AliMed.com 800.225.2610need to stock multipleprevent footdrop and subsequent ankle contracture as well as heel breakdown during sizes, reducing costs. Moldable Kydexprolonged bed rest. Foot plate is set at slightly less than 90, the middle of the range of motion thermoplastic shell.required for normal gait. Easy bed mobility for alternating between supine and side-lying Prevents and treatsShown positions. Prefitted, fits up to 80% of patients without modifications. Washable.foot and ankle contractures.with syntheticSizing: Pediatric: Infant, fits up to 18 mos.; Junior, fits children up to 7 yrs. Adult: Measure circumferences of Suspends heel to prevent andSheepskin liner calf, instep, and metatarsal. M, calf 10" or less, instep 9" or less, metatarsal 7" or less; L, calf 10" -13", instep treat pressure injuries, or use9"-12", metatarsal 7"-83 4 " (fits most women); XL, calf 13" or more, instep 12" or more, metatarsal 83 4 " or as a positioning device. Anti-rotation bar included.more (fits most men). Soft AliPlast liner wont absorb Available with heavy-pile, synthetic Sheepskin or Cool Wick liner. Outsole not included.LEFTRIGHTPEDIPRICEperspiration, bacteria, or odorsSizing: Pediatric, Wmns 3-7, up to Mens 5, and Youth #6771#6770INFANT$112.75 ea11/2-5. Adult, Wmns 71/2+, Mens 51/2-13.#6773#6772JUNIOR$112.75 ea#72015$125.75 eaLEFTRIGHTADULTPRICE Specify Pediatric or Adult, and Sheepskin or #6775#6774M$99.75 eaCool Wick liner. #6777#6776L$99.75 ea California residents, see left page.#6779#6778XL$99.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 65'