b'Patient ProtectionIMAGING ACCESSORIESn Reproductive organ protectionPediatric Gonad Shields and Diapers can be placed over a diaper, protecting the reproductive organs of both male and female pediatric patients. Contoured to fit the body proportions of even the youngest patients.Lightweight, lead-free0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protectionBlue Animoos printShield: 4-pc. set includes 1 of each size: Small, 312"W x 2 34 "H; Medium, 412"W x 312"H; Large, n Hook-and-loop closure for adjustability 512"W x 412"H; X-Large, 612"W x 512"HDiaper: 6-pc. set Mini Aprons with easy-off hook-and-loop includes 1 of each size 1-6 to fit infants from 8-35 lbs. closure. Fastens securely in seconds. Color- #937103SHIELD, 4/set$117.75 setcoded sizes for quick identification.#937100DIAPER, 6/set$580.75 setStandard lead0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protectionCalifornia residents, see left page.#9-080S, 12"W x 10"L, YELLOW$116.75 ea#9-081M, 16"W x 14"L, BLUE$128.75 ea PATIENT PROTECTION#9-082L, 18"W x 15"L, GREEN$135.75 ea #9-083SET OF THREE, S, M, L$324.00 set For personalized prints and monograms, call 800.225.2610 to special order. California residents, see left page.n Hand protection n AdjustablePediatric Mittens offer X-ray techs fullPediatric Breast Shields wraparound protection while positioningPerfect for pediatric spinal pediatric patients. VELCRO-brand wrist strapexams. A smaller alternative and soft, nonslip material on palm.to the scoliosis stole that is too large for children. n Reduce CT radiation exposure 814"W x 15"LLightweight, lead-free0.5 mm VELCRO- brand neckPb-equivalent protectionBlue Animoos print strap allows various Pediatric AttenuRad Shields reduce radiation#937102$359.75 pr placement of shields. up to 60% at pediatric dosages, protecting high- California residents, see left page.6-pc. set includes 2 of each size: Small, 412"W x 512"H; risk tissues. Comes in four sizes: Neonate, 10/cs;Medium, 6 34 "W x 8"H; Large, 7 34 "W x 10"HLightweight, 12 Months, 8/cs; 5 Years, 6/cs; and 10 Years, 4/cs.lead-free0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protectionBlue Includes 0.635-cm foam offset Animoos print #927279$172.75 cs #937099$215.75 setSpecify size. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page.Your patients are covered.AliMed.com 800.225.2610Make sure your staff is too! GlassesThyroid Shields n Tie-style gonad protection n No top binding Aprons Pediatric Triangular Gonad Shields Pediatric Thyroid CollarsNo top binding Gloves Supreme protection for the most sensitive area.helps prevent chafing. Hook-and-loop closure. Unisex design with slightly rounded sides permits3-pc. set includes 1 of each size: Small, 6 12 "W x 3"H; Mobiletargeted positioning between the thighs and theMedium, 712"W x 312"H; Large, 812"W x 4"HLight-Barriers pubis. Tie closure for security around the hips. weight, lead-free0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection9"WLightweight, lead-free0.5 mm Pb-equivalent Blue Animoos printprotectionSports print #937101$300.00 setAliMed.com/radiation-protection #937104$145.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. 17'