b'Orthotic MaterialsFabricate your orthotics in-houseMATERIALSn Three styles to choose fromGenuine PPT #1 medical-gradeDiab-A-Sheet soft-tissue supplement for cushioning and shock absorption. Open-cell material can n Not heat-moldable be glued on both sides. Not heat-moldable.BlueUltraluxAvailable in three styles: Smooth/Abraded, CorkLightweight, resilient, and shock- Ultralux top cover, or Diab-A-Sheet. Use absorbent. Compressed cork/latex mixture. Smooth/Abraded PPT to absorb and dissipateAbraded Not heat-moldable. shock as an insole, a top cover for an insole, or aSurface#428418"W x 36"L x 1 8 " THICK$31.00 sh heel pad. Abraded side is the best surface forBlue #428518"W x 36"L x 1 4 " THICK $55.75 sh gluing. Ultralux top cover offers superiorSmooth California residents, see left page. moisture wicking to keep foot dry. Diab-A-SheetSurfacecombines the shock absorption of PPT with the moldability of Plastazote.ORTHOTIC MATERIALS PPT, 27"W x 36"LTHICKNESSPRICE#61103BLUE SMOOTH/ABRADED1 16 "$26.75 sh#61104BLUE SMOOTH/ABRADED1 8 "$77.75 shn Stretch nylon 1on one side #61105BLUE SMOOTH/ABRADED 4 "$68.75 shSpenco NeopreneFour-way stretch nylon on PPT, 30"W x 36"LTHICKNESSPRICEone side. Produces no odor. #61106BLUE ULTRALUX1 16 "$45.75 sh42"W x 48"L x18 " thickGreenDIAB-A-SHEET, 19"W x 29"LTHICKNESSPRICE#4462$160.75 sh #4572PLASTAZOTE1 16 " PPT TO 1 8 "$59.75 sh#4573PLASTAZOTE1 8 " PPT TO 1 8 "$84.75 shCalifornia residents, see left page. 1 1#4574PLASTAZOTE 8 " PPT TO4 "$83.75 shCalifornia residents, see left page.nHook-sensitivefabric on one side nChoice of four rigiditiesNeoplush Neoprene 18 "-thick neopreneCarboplast Sheetswith soft, hook-sensitive fabric on one side,Thermoplastic material thats easy nylon tricot on the other. Ideal for fabricatingto mold (3-7 minutes at 400F) to custom splint straps and orthopedic supports.fabricate custom orthotics. Allows 12"W x 18"L sheet 316 " overall thicknessTan for deep-contour molding using conventional equipment. Available #4444$46.75 sh in four Rigidities to address a FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. wide variety of patient needs. Lightweight and durablemade with high-strength carbon and glass fibers in a tough, unique polypropylene matrix thats guaranteed not to crack. 3 12 "W x 7 12 "L 4"W x 8"L 5"W x 9"L 4"W x 12"L AliMed.com 800.225.2610 FLEXIBLE, 1.5 MM THICKRIGID, 2.5 MM THICK#6518031 2 "W x 71 2 "L$13.75 ea #6518431 2 "W x 71 2 "L$13.75 ean Self-adhesive posting strips #651814"W x 8"L$16.75 ea #651854"W x 8"L$16.75 ea#651825"W x 9"L$20.75 ea #651865"W x 9"L$20.75 eaNickelPlast Self-Stick Posting#651834"W x 12"L$27.75 ea #651874"W x 12"L$27.75 eaStripsIdeal for any type of posting #6702824"W x 36"L$249.75 ea #6703224"W x 36"L$249.75 earearfoot, forefoot, medial, or lateral. Trim the strip#6702948"W x 36"L$468.75 ea #6703348"W x 36"L$468.75 eato desired shape; attaches easily to bottom of SEMI-RIGID, 2.0 MM THICKEXTRA-RIGID, 2.9 MM THICKorthotic. Flat for posting or lifts. Self-adhesive.1 1 1 1Grind to modify.#651883 2 "W x 7 2 "L$13.75 ea #651923 2 "W x 7 2 "L$13.75 ea4"W x 10"L #651894"W x 8"L$16.75 ea #651934"W x 8"L$16.75 ea#651905"W x 9"L$20.75 ea #651945"W x 9"L$20.75 ea#48101 8 " THICK, 6/pk$47.75 pk #651914"W x 12"L$27.75 ea #651954"W x 12"L$27.75 ea#48113 16 " THICK, 4/pk$49.00 pk #6703024"W x 36"L$249.75 ea #6703424"W x 36"L$249.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #6703148"W x 36"L$468.75 ea #6703548"W x 36"L$468.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.51'