b'Helping peoplehelp people& 2020-2021PediatricsNeonatalUniversal Table Straps AliGel PositionersExtremely strong, highly versatile,The industry standard for completeand pre-cut to match your table pediatric pressure relief and redistributionp. 5 pp. 12, 13O.R. AND IMAGINGCLINICAL FURNISHINGSAND CARTS24DIAGNOSTICSAND ASSESSMENT20IMAGING ACCESSORIES16IMAGING AND SURGICAL POSITIONERS6POSITIONINGSTRAPS2Pediatric Night Splints Pediatric Slimline Cast Boots Hard Shell Helmets SAFE PATIENT3 sizes: S, M, and L Versatileadapts to fiberglass casts,Reduces the risk of head injury HANDLING30SURGICALp. 66 bulky compression bandages, andp. 35 ACCESSORIES18various wound care applicationsp. 62REHAB ANDORTHOPEDICSADL102CLINICAL FURNISHINGSAND CARTS24DIAGNOSTICSAND ASSESSMENT20 FOOT ORTHOTICS46Arista Baby Board StrapsMATERIALS51Immobilizes infants duringStandard Series circumcision procedures MOBILITY41Pediatric Pediatric Medical Carts p. 19 ORTHOPEDIC Breast Shields Built to last, economically priced BRACING62Adjustable and perfectp. 29for pediatric spinalPATIENT SAFETY32exams REHAB p. 17 POSITIONERS36SAFE PATIENTHANDLING30SPEECH ANDIce Fingers LANGUAGE86Helps improve oral motorTHERAPEUTICand oropharyngealEXERCISE78strength and sensationp. 100INDEX108TABLE OF CONTENTS114SAME-DAY SHIPPINGSee p. 114 for detailsAliMed.com 800.225.2610Expanded product offering online Knowledgeable customer care team 7742-3'