b'Medication AidsHousehold HelpersACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGnUp to four voice reminders a dayMedCenter Talking Alarm ClocksClockSplitter Crusheruses friendly female voice to alert users to Take your pills up to four times a day. Alarm sounds periodically until special Alarm Acknowledged button is pressed. Loud and extra loud settings.n Two handy tools for your pill regimenLarge-type display is easy to set up. Backlit displayPill Splitters or CrushersTwo specialized for nighttime viewing. Also available as part of thetools to make your job easier. Pill Splitter splits MedCenter Daily Reminder 31-Day Monthly Pilllarger pills to make swallowing easier. Pill CrusherCrusherOrganizer sold below, right. pulverizes pills to powder.5"L x 2 34 "H x 1 34 "D1 lb. #82364SPLITTER$23.75 ea #711971$53.75 ea#82363CRUSHER$7.25 ea More Medication Aids at California residents, see left page. #8236320CRUSHER, 20/cs$117.75 cs ($5.89 ea) AliMed.com/medication-aids#8236350CRUSHER, 50/cs$233.75 cs ($4.68 ea)California residents, see left page.nClosed grinding system eliminates airborne residueFIRST CRUSH Gen2 Automated Pill Crushers crush, mix, and serve medication all in one cup for accurate and consistent dosage dispensing while avoiding medication transfer between patients. The closed grinding system eliminates airborne powder residue and helps reduce cross-contamination for staff and patient safety. Requires two disposable Gen2 CompleteRX Cups (sold separately, below) per crusha bottom serving cup and a top grinding cup. Cups feature an FDA-cleared, antistatic coating, which allows medication to easily slide out, leaving little or no residue behind. Gen2 Cup Holder (also required, sold separately, below) holds cups in place inside the unit. Includes AC adapter and battery pack with an average of 300 crushes per charge. Auto-off function conserves battery life.n Boldly labeled with day of the week Crusher: 5 12 "W x 7 78 "H x 6 58 "D3.5 lbs.Power-on and low battery indicators AC adapter: 120-240V, input; 18V, outputCompleteRX Cups: 41.25 ml-FAX800.437.29667-Day Pill BoxesConvenient tool to helpcapacityBox includes 500 each of top and bottom cups remember daily medication. Plastic lid opens#713718AUTOMATED PILL CRUSHER$359.75 eaeasily with day of the week boldly labeled right#713719GEN2 COMPLETE RX CUP, 1,000/bx $61.00 bxon top. Individual compartments securely hold#713723GEN2 CUP HOLDER$31.00 eamedications for each day of the week. Can also beCalifornia residents, see left page.used for vitamins.#88931$39.75 ea AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610California residents, see left page.n Easy open for those with limited graspDycem Bottle OpenersIdeal for pill containers and preemie formula bottles in NICU. Works withnPlan ahead pushdown/twist bottles. 3/cs. for an entire month#88921$23.75 cs ($7.92 ea) MedCenter Daily Reminder 31-Day Monthly California residents, see left page. Pill OrganizersSet up to four daily alarms tonAdjustable gripping helps open alert when medication is due. The repeating friendlyany cap up to 4" diameterreminder notifies you of the time, date, and which dose to take. Press Alarm Acknowledge button toPolly Power Grips are adjustable gripping Doorconfirm compliance. Loud and extra loud settings.tools that turn small knobs and open childproof Opening Aids Red and green color coding shows when daily dosebottles, as well as jars with lids as large as 4" in needs to be taken or is complete.diameter. 8"W x 10"L x 71/4"H3 lbs. 6"LDurableplasticRubber jawsAliMed.com/household-kitchen-aids#711968$88.75 ea#80337$45.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 95'