b'Pediatric Dysphagia PEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGEPediatric Feeding Disorders:Evaluation and Treatment,Edited by Kelly VanDahmThis bookbrings together 14 leading clinicians,the latest research, and interdisciplinaryperspectives on pediatric feedingdisorders! It provides a foundationalknowledge base of typical feedingand swallowing development fromthe perspectives of members of amultidisciplinary team and from clinicianswith specific expertise in the field.This manual:Furnishes knowledge of atypical feeding and swallowing patternsand related issues, such as medical comorbidities and appropriate nutritional supportProvides comprehensive information on assessing infants andFollow the Swallow, Jo Puntil-SheltmanFlipbook that helps clients,children with feeding and swallowing disorders, including sample family, and therapists understand and see the motion of both normal andreproducible evaluation formsdisordered swallowing. Enlarged insets of oral area on each page. Flip pages Facilitates treatment of these disorders by providing practical, of these full-color illustrations to show motion of both normal and abnormalhands-on information necessary for interventionphysical functioning swallow. Text explanations are provided for eachPresents information about the advanced practice of working illustration.within the neonatal intensive care unit 72 pages, durable card stock 375 pages, softcover#888335$70.75 ea #83440$77.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610The Source for Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Speech Disorders,The Source for Pediatric DysphagiaSecond Edition, Nancy B. Sandra L. SulprizioBe well-prepared to assess and treat children of all agesSwigertThis second edition contains significant updates in the treatment of with craniofacial conditions with this comprehensive resource! It explainspediatric dysphagia, with new information on the evaluation and treatment of the unique speech needs of infants and children with cleft palate and/ behavioral feeding disorders. Updated and expanded evaluation tools and goals or craniofacial anomalies; what speech skills to address at each stage ofhelp organize treatment. The content includes anatomy and physiologydevelopment; how to prevent faulty learning of compensatory errors ofnutritive vs. non-nutritive suckling, reflexes and what they mean, normal speech; how to differentiate speech symptoms due to physical limitationsdevelopment of feeding and self-feeding skills; clinical evaluationdifferential from speech symptoms due to learned patterns (which require speechdiagnosis of feeding disorders, completing a case history, example evaluations; therapy); how to treat compensatory errors of speech with a step-by-step,instrumentationadministration and analyses of FEES and MBS, radiation phonetically controlled approach; and how to manage and reduce thesafety, monitoring of the infants/childs response; treatmenttreatment symptoms of velopharyngeal dysfunction. Includes ready-to-use tools,of problems associated with abnormal tone, sensation, and motor learning; printable materials, and additional 136 printable evaluation tools and therapybehavior-based dysphagia; children who are NPO; managing dysphagia in the materials. They include pictures and scenes with phonetically controlledschool settingestablishing a dysphagia team, reimbursement, developing stimuli, pictures and scenes with phonetically controlled stimuli to reduceIEPs and individual health services plans; and treatment of infantsfacilitating symptoms of velopharyngeal dysfunction; word, phrase, and sentence listsinfant response, understanding distress signals and state of alertness, for the treatment of compensatory errors of speech; and word, phrase, andbreastfeeding. The book includes access to an additional 51 printable pages of sentence lists for the management of velopharyngeal functioning. therapy tools and handouts. 138 pages, softcover 177 pages, softcover#83155 $62.00 ea #83153$62.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 65'