b'Speech/Voice AidsCOMMUNICATIONLarynx ModelsMedially sectioned to show larynx, hyoid bone, windpipe, ligaments, muscles, vessels, nerves, and thyroid gland. Dissectible by halves. Thyroid cartilage, two muscles, and two thyroid gland halves are removable. 12 cm x 12 cm x 23 cm Breath BuildersAn easy-to-use tool thatSwallowMistA unique tool #80249$540.00 kit requires client to exhale and inhale through a tubeused to moisten the mouth. to keep the ball at the top of the chamber. HelpsSimply fill with water, pump to California residents, see left page. promote better breath support to improve speech.pressurize, and press the button Provides visual feedback. Two tubes for differentto mist water into the mouth. One levels of exercise. short press provides less than 1 Nontoxic, dishwasher-safe. Instruction sheet. Colorsml of water; held down longer will vary. increase the amount dispensed. #80244$32.75 ea For individual use only. Comes with instructions for use.California residents, see left page.#83096$26.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Portable kit availableFAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Anatomical ChartsFull-color charts help staff, clients, and family members better understand the mechanisms involved in speech therapy. Pharynx and Larynx Chart shows definitions and labeledClamp-On Adjustable MirrorsClampsDeluxe Therapy Kits Made of durable, parts to help explain function, problems, andonto bedrails, wheelchairs, tabletops, and otherhigh-quality black vinyl with a break-resistant therapy expectations. Brain Chart explains areassurfaces. Helps with speech therapy in any14"W x 10"H mirror. Includes transparent card of the brain affected by disease or trauma, andenvironment. The shatterproof mirror is mountedpockets for stimulus items, magnetic dry-erase shows the lobes and base of the brain with cranialon a 12" flexible metal gooseneck attached to aboard, mag netic felt board, convenient holder for nerves and vessels. Includes a detailed illustrationstrong plastic spring clamp. Clamp grips surfacesbusiness cards and tongue depressors, and full-of centers for sensory and motor activities ofup to 1" thick.color instruction sheet. A slightly more compact named body parts. version, the Portable Therapy Kit (11"W x 9"H) is 20"W x 26"HFlexible plastic laminationTop corner12"W x 8"H mirror surface designed to fit into briefcase or tote. Same sturdy eyelets #80245$105.06 ea materials and includes the same features and #73841PHARYNX AND LARYNX CHART$37.75 ea California residents, see left page. components as the Deluxe. #82837BRAIN CHART$37.75 ea #80248DELUXE THERAPY KIT$83.00 kitUnderstanding Stroke Chart, see p. 6.#82833PORTABLE THERAPY KIT$58.75 kitCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.45'