b'Therapy Photo CardsADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGELanguage Builder Verbs & Action WordsPhoto cards to help recognize and name a large selection of action words. Images show people from various ages, genders and ethnicities engaging in a range of common activities. This variation in actors allows for practice learning gender, pronouns, and full sentences. Many of the verb cards also offer more than one example, so you can increase generalization of the Library of Vocabulary Photographs 2learned words. For example, the word "blowing" This revision includes over 600 full-colorshows someone blowing a whistle, blowing photographs of functional objects found in thebubbles, blowing out a candle, and blowing their home, office, classroom, and community. Thesenose. Images are current, familiar, and featured pictures come in 13 separate kits, each containingin natural settings. Each picture includes plenty 47 photos. Some of the kits include: Electricalof context clues to make identification easy and Appliances, Body, Office and School, Clothing,fun, and to provide great topics for discussion. Parts of the House, and more. CommunityThe back of each card is numbered, provides aContains: 530 (3" x 5") cards, activity booklet, and Kit contains photos of easy-to-identify places,label for the featured image, and lists suggestedstorage boxactivities, and people that are familiar andactivities for which the card is targeted. An motivating to clients. Each pictures correspondingincluded activity booklet provides more detailed#83434 $99.99 set word is printed in very large type on the back ofinstruction ideas. California residents, see left page.each card.Contains: 13 picture groups: each group consists ofQ & A Cards47 full-color 31/4" x 41/4" cards enclosed in a soft plastic envelopeall in a sturdy carrying case.#83306$205.00 setCalifornia residents, see left page.Awareness and SafetyImages of dangerous life situations, including jaywalking and eating with a knife. Questions and answers on the back include: 1) What is inappropriate about this FAX800.437.2966situation? 2) Why is this situation potentially dangerous? 3) What would you do differently to prevent harm?Just for Adults Photo CardsLarge-size#82765$53.75 set Sequencing CardsA new addition to the cards feature high-quality, realistic photos withCalifornia residents, see left page. language-building series! Introduce clients to stimuli questions on the back. The photos showProblem SolvingImages showing pictorialsequencing and help them understand the logicalpeople of all ages engaged in everyday activitiesabsurdities, including fishing in a bathtub, wearingorder of events. The full-color photographic cards AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610as well as some photos of everyday environs.a lampshade on ones head, kayaking with barbells,portray common, everyday activities with a heavy The cards are divided into five sections: Problemand reading a newspaper without text. Questionsemphasis on self-help skills. The full set includes:Solving depicts 112 dangerous situations orand answers on the back include What is wrong1 ten-card sequencesafety issues; Abstract ReasoningComparing/ with this picture? 1 nine-card sequenceContrasting has 60 cards that give the client#82764$53.75 set 1 eight-card sequencepractice comparing and contrasting objects and1 seven-card sequencehuman traits; Abstract ReasoningMakingCalifornia residents, see left page. 6 six-card sequencesInferences has 30 cards that require the client toConfrontational NamingImages of everyday4 five-card sequencesmake correct inferences and predictions about theobjects such as an apple or book. Questions and5 four-card sequencesphotos; Abstract ReasoningOdd One Out withanswers on the back promote word-finding skills 2 three-card sequences 30 cards each with four photos, one not belonging;questions like, What do you call this? Start with 3-card sequences, then let clients Sequencing with 128 photos divided into 17 four- #82763$53.75 set progress all the way up to 10 cards. The cards are step and 10 six-step functional sequences familiarCalifornia residents, see left page. also great for understanding what happens next, to everyday life. The cards can also be used toCategorization & Scanning CardsImagesteaching storytelling or social stories, learning spark discussion, strengthen conversational skills,of 3 to 8 items per card, such as tools, dairyverbs and tenses, or even to use for self-help skills and develop cognitive skills. Seven instructionproducts, writing instruments, kitchen gadgets,prompts.cards are included.and more. Promotes categorizing and scanningContains: 116 cards (5" x 3"), dividers, and storage boxContains: 360 double-sided, coated cards (7" x 5"), skills. Questions and answers are provided on the#83387$50.75 set and storage box back of each photo card. California residents, see left page.#83150$136.75 set #82834$53.75 setCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 13'