b'Mirrors/AidsPEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGEBEST SELLER!Ergonomic designListed cmH 2 O pressure for improved gripper dial settingStronger mouth sealEasy to use Inspiratory andand clean expiratory settingsoperate independentlyEasy to useand cleanInhalesettingsSee-Scape Detects nasal emissions of air during speech. When tip is placed in childs nares,Exhale any emission of air causes the float to rise in thesettingsrigid plastic tube. Instant visual feedback and an indication of air-flow pressure and velopharyngealThe Breather 1.1Redesigned and easier to use, this muscle trainer effectively uses Resistive incompetence. Tests air-flow pressure rather thanBreathing Training (RBT) to rebuild strength in both inspiratory and expiratory muscles of the neck nasality, which indicates a lack of velopharyngealand throat. Respiratory muscles, like other muscles, can weaken from prolonged illness, aging, competence perceived as hypernasality. Can beand neuromuscular diseases. The Breather 1.1 teaches diaphragmatic breathing to improve breath used for both treatment and home practice.support, producing positive results in clients cough effort, speech training, and swallow safety. Contains: device, two nasal tips, and manualRubberUnique, ergonomic handheld tool provides separate, easier-to-use settings to strengthen both base adheres to tableinhalation and exhalation. Use with metered-dose inhalers, nebulizers, andbreathing or speaking #80246SEE-SCAPE KIT$166.00 kit valves. Improves breath support in speech and respiratory. Great for post-intubation therapy.#80247ADDITIONAL NASAL TIPS, 6/pk$48.75 pk 1 18 "W x 5 116 "L x 1 78 "HDishwasher-safe, top rackNote: This product cannot be returned.#82874$42.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Respiratory Muscle Trainer (RMT) Accessories Kits include the components needed to turn The Breather 1.1 muscle trainer (above) into a feedback device for enhanced22 mm connector performance. Kit includes a mouthpiece, 22 mmwith tubingFAX800.437.2966connector, tubing (with replacement tubing),0-60 manometerand a 0-60 manometer. All are single-patient use and not made with natural rubber latex. Simply remove the mouthpiece from The Breather and replace it with the blue 15-22 mm adapter included with the device. Then attach the connector, tubing, manometer, and mouthpiece. You are now readyMouthpiece to begin some targeted training. The manometer AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610does not need to be used every session, but if used periodically during respiratory muscle training, it can help guide resistance levels and provide feedback. Great for post-intubation therapy.#83416$38.75 kitClamp-On Adjustable Mirrors A multi-useCalifornia residents, see left page.mirror that clamps onto bed rail, wheelchair, tabletop, and other surfaces. Offers immediateDeluxe Therapy Kits Made of durable, visual feedback for viewing the oral cavity duringhigh-quality black vinyl with a break-resistant oral-motor and motor-speech exercises. Holds14"W x 10"H mirror. Includes transparent card childs attention while focusing on oral or speechpockets for stimulus items, magnetic dry-erase activities. Allows a child to move the mirror to aboard, magn etic felt board, convenient holder for comfortable height for practicing oral movementsbusiness cards and tongue depressors, and full-and speech sounds during therapy or in individualcolor instruction sheet. A slightly more compact practice. Shatterproof mirror is mounted on aversion, the Portable Therapy Kit (11"W x 9"H) is flexible 12"L metal gooseneck attached to adesigned to fit into briefcase or tote. Same sturdy strong plastic spring clamp. Clamp grips surfacesmaterials and includes the same features and up to 1" thick.components as the Deluxe. 8"W x 12"H mirror surface #80248DELUXE THERAPY KIT$83.00 kit#80245$105.06 ea #82833PORTABLE THERAPY KIT$58.75 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 55'