b'ADULT SPEECH AND LANGUAGE Apraxia and DysarthriaFrenchay Dysarthria Assessment (FDA-2)Second Edition, Pamela Enderby and Rebecca PalmerNew edition includes information about motor-speech disorders and their contribution to neurological diagnosis. Quick and simple to administer. Rating is done on a number of simple performance tasks related to speech function. Eight sections include reflexes, respiration, lips, palate, and more.Rating form indicates strengths and weaknesses and allows comparison of performance across all items. Contains: three-part carbonized record forms, Examiners Manual,25 rating forms, and Intelligibility Cards in organized folder#82746$216.75 eaCalifornia residents, see below.Apraxia Battery for Adults (ABA-2)Second Edition, Barbara L. DabulThis revised test includes a systematic set of tasks to measure presence and severity of apraxia. Objective scoring system gives an initial step t oward assessing recovery in relation to severity. Six subtests: Diadochokinetic Rate, Increasing Word Length, Limb and Oral Apraxia, Latency and Utterance Time for Polysyllabic Words, Repeated Trials Test, and Inventory of Articulation Characteristics. Administer in 20 minutes. Set 1: BasicVC, CV, CVC/words/oral-motorContains: examiners manual, picture book, 25 profile Apraxia of Speech Stimulus Library, exercises; pairs; blends; compound words; and examiner record forms, and storage boxJill C. ThresherHelps clients with apraxia (as wellthree- and four-syllable words; ADL phrases #80243APRAXIA BATTERY FOR ADULTS,as aphasia and dysarthria) achieve independenceand sentences. COMPLETE KIT$227.75 kitwith strategies to improve self-monitoring and#81575SET 1$175.75 set #80269ADDITIONAL RESPONSE/SUMMARY/self-correcting skills. Flexible and detailed sets ofCalifornia residents, see below. PROFILE FORMS, 25/pk$92.75 pkstimulus cards help clients regain accurate voluntarySet 2: Pictorial SupplementIllustrated featuresCalifornia residents, see below.control of articulation. Each set is arranged byof Set 1 for nonreaders and extra stimulus ideas category with high-interest words and practicalfor readers. phrases. Contains: 250 cards, 99-page manual, data collection#81576SET 2$175.75 setsheets, and storage box for each set California residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966 The Source for DysarthriaSecond Edition, Nancy B. SwigertExplains the intricacies of dysarthria evaluation and gives guidelines for a 800.225.2610AliMed.com/speech differential diagnosis. Organized usingDysarthria Rehabilitation Programlistening skills to helpSecond Edition, John D. Tonkovich,make decisions aboutApraxia TreatmentTerry L. Boettcher, and Mary W. Rambowdiagnosis and treatmentManual and Dysarthria TreatmentA complete program for improving speech (in contrast to using instrumental assessment).Manual, Beth Kaufman-KatzImaginative andintelligibility. Bound, easel-backed manual has Helps in understanding interrelationships amongfunctional practice materials. Exercises addressupdated stimulus items and illustrations. Easy to respiration, phonation, resonance, articulation,oral-motor, phonation, respiration, prosody,administer and flexible enough to meet individual and prosody; determine possible causes forintelligibility, resonance, and articulation. To ensureneeds. Three major sections: Exaggerating observed symptoms; incorporate long-term goalssuccess, manual includes activities organized inArticulatory Movements, Reducing Speech Rate of intelligibility, comprehensibility, efficiency, andhierarchy of increasing length and complexity.Via Vowel Prolongation, and Improving Speech naturalness. Description of each type of dysarthriaDysarthria Manual includes creative exercisesProsody. Includes all necessary stimuli. includes: possible medical diagnoses, associatedto keep progress on track. Articulation practice hasContains: 225-page manual, 60-page picture book,neurological symptoms and reflexes, typicalthree levels of word and sentence lists, organizedspiral bindingpatient complaints, tasks to help distinguish theby place of articulation, consonants, and type of#80738$175.75 setparticular type of dysarthria. Online access for 120vowel.California residents, see below.additional printable pages with evaluation tools and therapy activities. Great for telepractice.220 and 162 pages, softcover, spiral binding#82983APRAXIA MANUAL$102.00 ea MannaQure 168 pages, softcover#82984DYSARTHRIA MANUAL$109.00 ea Comprehensive English #83151$62.00 eaCalifornia residents, see below. #82182COMBO SET$210.75 set to Spanish Assessment ofCalifornia residents, see below. Dysphagia and DysarthriaCalifornia Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the#83126 p. 1612 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'