b'Left Visual COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURYBEST SELLER!Lessons for the Right BrainSecond Edition, Kathleen Anderson and Pamela Crowe Miller Thoroughly revised to help peoplefocus attention and concentration, practice looking to the left side of the page, and improve visual perception. Helps clients with relevant skills for recall, daily living, discrimination between like and unlike items, composing sentences, exploring attributes, and problem solving. Hundreds of exercises in these four workbooks stimulate useful skills Look to the Left! Mary Evanofski, OTRDetermines which quadrant oroften lost through right-brain injury. This new edition also includes quadrants of vision have been affected by brain damage. Helps clients learn enlarged print for easier reading, answer section, new exercises that to compensate for vision loss.reflect current thinking, a vertical dark line in left margin of every page, Thirty graded activities involve:extensive sections dealing with functional, daily information, added Drawingexercises that facilitate logical, sequential, and integrative thinking skills, Puzzle-solvinguse of written responses, and incorporate activities not easily found Copy activitieselsewhere that target expression and comprehension of emotions, visual Reading exercises. memory, and deficits in facial recognition and recall. Great for telepractice. Four 64-page workbooks, softcover66 pages, softcover #83121$87.75 set#5820$82.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Flash driveVisuospatial Training FlashBook, Jennifer PapaThis flash drive offers therapists a variety of exercises for clients experiencing hemispatialLaminated neglect and concomitant cognitive deficits. These worksheets can be usedpagesfor training clients in the evidence-based practice of visual scanning, while addressing other cognitive areas such as executive functions, language, andLeft Visual Inattention Workbook, Dawn Scott KnausReady-to-use, attention. They are divided into three levels of difficulty, addressing mild,reusable activities for clients with right-hemisphere injury who tend toneglect moderate, and severe cognitive deficits. The supplemental materials sectionthe left visual field. Contains fun and engaging activities that encourage offers one-page educational handouts on left neglect to give clients and theirvisualization of words and shapes that lie to the left visual field. Use these families. Also provided is a Progress Tracking Form to collect the clientslaminated pages over and over by wiping off ink after each session. Helps progress for the week with percentage correct and circling the level of cueingclients learn compensatory strategies. Activities are grouped by type, such required. Includes an informal clock drawing assessment to reevaluateas shape matching, word search, mazes, and word differentiation. Exercises progress. Using a large circle for the clock drawing is a stronger assessment ofincluded are for both readers and nonreaders. Reproducible data collection executive function as it increases the demand for planning and self-monitoring.sheet allows keeping records of each clients performance. 2GB flash drive plugs into the USB port on Mac or PC, instructions for use 120 pages, laminated three-ring binder#82738$54.75 ea #81559$140.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 33'