b'Table of ContentsnAdult Speech and Language nElderly/DementiaAphasia Assessment and Therapy 2 Assessment47Language Therapy 7 Dementia Guides .48Apraxia/Dysarthria Therapy 12 Communication .49Therapy Cards 13 Activity Guides50nDysphagia Memory .51Assessment .16 nPediatric Speech and LanguageTherapy/Treatment .17 Assessment .52Oral Motor Tools21 Early Treatment 53Drinking Aids 22 Language Builders .54Diet Modification .24 Mirrors/Aids .55Tracheostomy/Tongue Resources .25 Speech/Communication 56Feeding/Eating Aids .26 Language Activities. .58nCognitive Rehab/Brain Injury Oral Motor Tools .62Assessment .27 Dysphagia 65Treatment/Therapy .29 nADL NEW!Left Visual33 Commodes/Raised Toilet Seats/Shower Benches 70Memory34 Bathing and Toilet Hygiene Aids 72Cognition Resources35 Reachers and Dressing Aids .76nCommunication Dining and Dysphagia Feeding Aids 84Communicators .38 Medication/Daily Living Aids .95AAC 40 Fall Management96Word Retrieval41 Transfer/Mobility Aids 97Phonology/Voice 43 Communication Aids .99n IndexCarryover Resources .46 .100Order Information104NEW categories now online!Telepractice Post-Intubation TherapyResources to enhance remoteTools to rebuild strengththerapy and client participation in swallowing, breathing, and speechAliMed.com/telepractice AliMed.com/post-intubation-therapySame-day shippingorder by 3 PMESTELECTRONIC 3 Expedited delivery options Still have questions?AliMed.com Call 800.225.2610EDI capabilities/GHX Partnercustomerservice@AliMed.com 3 APO shipping Place your order before 3 PMEST CALL800.225.2610 if in stock, it ships the same day!International: 1.781.329.29008:30 AM - 6 PMEST Monday-Friday 3 No minimum order requirementsFAX800.437.2966 (excludes international orders) Contract Pricing Bids:International: 1.781.329.8392 quotes@AliMed.comPublication #7781Product #11555'