b'Managing communication needsFor every stage of carefrom hospital to rehab to homeHospitalAssessment of Just for Adults Photo Cards Health CareCritical CommunicatorLanguage-RelatedSparks discussions, strengthensCommunication Boards Assists in communicating basic needs Functional Activities (ALFA) conversational skills, and developsHelps communicate medical,with simple words and picturesUses all language modalities cognitive skills physical, and emotional needsDetails, p. 3 Details, p. 13 Details, p. 36 Details, p. 39RehabColorCards Familiar Verbs WALC 5 Neurological Rehab GoTalk 9+ Personal AmplifiersBuilds vocabulary, improves,Improves orientation, memory,Portable, easy-to-use toolHigh-volume output allows communication skills, andorganization, problem solving,for short- or long-termusers to hear conversations encourages expressive language reasoning, and written expressionaugmentative communication more clearlyDetails, p. 14 Details, p. 31 Details, p. 40 Details, p. 99HomeMedCenter Talking Daily Communicators Picture Phones Tab GrabbersAlarm Clocks Helps clients with limited verbalDesigned for people with weakHands-free tablet mount allows easy Verbally reminds users to takeskills communicate morevision, memory difficulties, orinteraction without holding the unitmedications up to four times a day effectively dexterity problemsDetails, p. 95 Details, p. 38 AliMed.com/communication AliMed.com/wheelchair-accessoriesAliMed.com|800.225.2610'