b'Early TreatmentPEDIATRIC SPEECH AND LANGUAGEBEST SELLER!Improving Overall Intelligibility Early Apraxia of Speech Stories BackwardPreschool Apraxia CardsTreats childhood Systematically improves intelligibility and reducesBuildupThis delightful, innovative seriesapraxia of speech with appealing preschool childrens frustration of not being understood dueprovides motivating practice to improve wordpictures and a precise, organized hierarchy of to apraxia, weak or imprecise articulation, and/orstress, intonation, and motor planning for childrenword selections and prompts for children ages autism, and easily adapted to individual needs. 3 to 6. Eight storybooks target two- and three- 3 to 7. This 240-card set moves from basic This program is divided into two sections: Earlysyllable word productions. These books teach thesyllable sequences to multisyllabic word and Late Developing Sounds. Early Developingappropriate stress and intonation by removingproduction in sentences. Introduces one Sounds include: /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /ng/, /m/, /n/,the semantic load of a word until mastery of thephonemic variable at a time. The nine sections /j/, /h/, and /w/. Late Developing Sounds include: /f,normal flow and rhythm of the word. Each page inof stimuli are arranged to give a precise /v/, voiced and voiceless /th/, /l/, /dg/, /ch/, /sh/, /s/,these books starts with the final syllable of a wordprogression from VC/CV through multisyllabic /z/, and /r/. All activities are designed to help achieveand systematically works forward, ending with theword. A five-level cueing hierarchy on each card intelligibility in connected speech and includetarget word. Each book includes 12 reproduciblemoves children through all five cueing levels as picture scene; scene-related page, which includespicture cards to use for more practice. Two syllablemotor-planning skills improve. Cueing hierarchy types of questions from wh-, category, inference,words are covered in Equal Emphasis, Crawlyfor sections 1 through 7 includes Cloze compare/contrast, paraphrasing, problem solving,Things, Things to Ride, and Yummy Thingssentence, Supply the rhyming word, Answer a social communication, sequencing; a list of targetto Eat. Three syllable words are covered in Morewh- question, Say the target word three times, words; and answer key.Yummy Things to Eat, Animals, Places, andand Repeat a sentence that contains the target 197 pages, online access to 86 full-color printable pages Things People Do. word. Cueing hierarchy for sections 8 and 9 are 1 Say the target word using forward chaining, #83144$62.00 ea 8-book set: each book has 16 coated pages (82 " x 11") Cloze sentence, Answer a wh- question, Say California residents, see left page. #83146$164.00 set the target word three times, and Repeat a California residents, see left page. sentence that contains the target word. The 240 cards are further categorized with markers of the syllable type, sound placement, and vowels used in each word. 240 coated cards (3 12 " x 5"), nine header cards#83147$102.00 bxCalifornia residents, see left page. FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Preschool Phonology CardsThese jumbo-size cards help preschoolers eliminate phonologicalThe Source for Childhood Apraxia of processes with endearing, simple illustrationsSpeech, Robin Strode Downing and Catherine and familiar vocabulary. The words are printedE. ChamberlainEvaluates and treats childhood below each picture to reinforce speech-to-printapraxia of speech using principles of motor learning connection. Targets six commonly occurringwith an emphasis on speech movements and phonological processes: syllable shapes. Combines practical experience with current research to evaluate and differentially Cluster reduction (e.g., cloud/loud) Final consonant deletion (e.g., couch/ diagnose CAS; to treat it based on its uniqueThe Source for TBIChildren and cow) characteristics; to develop basic communication.Adolescents, Paul C. Lebby and Shana J. AsbellFronting (e.g., kite/tight) Activity pages provide additional therapy techniquesUse this book to understand the complex effects of Gliding (e.g., ring/wing) outlined step-by-step with visual helps, informalchildhood TBI on cognitive, language, and behavioralnitial consonant deletion (e.g., chin/in) evaluation tools, reproducible lesson pages anddevelopment. Includes two popular evidence-IStopping (shower/tower) pictures, tracking chart, pictures and directions forbased assessment tools. Helps formulate realistic Use the durable cards for phonological processconsonant hand signals, techniques to facilitateand functional treatment goals. Understand how training, minimal pairs tasks, auditory discriminationcorrect consonant sound production, and ideas forTBI affects the childs family and how to respond activities, auditory bombardment activities, andmaking fun practice materials.effectively, and screen for neurocognitive functioning. drills. 183-page book, online access to additional 224-page, softcover, online access to additional printable 240 coated cards (3" x 5") printable pagespages#83145$102.00 bx #83154$62.00 ea #83286$66.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 53'