b'Tracheostomy/Tongue Resources Throat Scope No more awkward juggling of a tongue depressor and a flashlight for oralWorlds DYSPHAGIAcavity examinations. All-in-one light and tongueFirstdepressor allows one-handed control. The light is guided by the blade to illuminate the inside of the mouth/throat to provide a fast, accurate, and pleasant oral cavity examination. Just attach the blade to the handle and it lights up. Easy, one-flick action removes the disposable blade from the handle. Includes a re-usable handle that contains LEDs and battery and a transparent blade for depressing the tongue. Great for post-intubation therapy. Starter Kit contains handle and 2 blades. Additional Blades available.#83397THROAT SCOPE STARTER KIT$25.00 kit#83398BOX OF ADDITIONAL 50 BLADES$20.75 bxPocket T.O.M. An anatomical model ideal for#83415COMBO: 1 STARTER KIT, 1 BOX OF BLADES hands-on demonstration, training of tracheostomy$41.75 kitcare, and discussion of tracheostomy andCalifornia residents, see left page.nasogastric tube placement issues. All parts come in a storage case that fits in your pocket! A stoma is provided in the lower neck area to allow demonstrations, and the nare is open to allow insertion and placement of suction catheter or nasogastric tube. The kit includes a cuffed tracheostomy tube, Passy-Muir valves (2000, 2001, 007), valve secure strap, warning label, TonguePRESS Developed by Kathleen Smead5cc syringe, simulated nasogastric tube, andClinically developed therapy tool for strengthening support stand. Not made with natural rubber latex.the tongue. Research-inspired, it incorporates the 4 12 "W x 6 12 "HPlastic with antimicrobial finish principles of exercise and resistance trainingNot for client use for improved speech and swallowing abilities. Filled #82947$205.00 ea with water, it adjusts by loosening or tightening the California residents, see left page. valve. The water-filled bulb is placed on the tongue and pressed against the hard palate. The harder the client presses, the higher the indicator rises. By practicing repetitively, the client increases strength. It can be sent home with client for practice three times daily. For individual use onlyFAX800.437.2966#83066TONGUEPRESS$35.75 ea#83067 4/pk$102.00 pkCalifornia residents, see left page. Patent #9,149,681 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610ARKs Oro-Navigator The first tool specifically designed to promote lateral tongue movement. Use to navigate the tongue from Standard side to side or up and down. Placing the open side around the tongue allows the tongue to be moved within the oral cavity. Great for resistance Tic-Tong Flavored Tongue Depressorsexercises, yet small enough to prevent gagging. Facilitate great interaction during oral motorMade of FDA-compliant, medical-grade materials therapy. Helps make any exam faster and so teeth and oral tissue will not be injured with a less stressful for your clients. Tutti-frutti flavored.tonic bite. Narrow handle allows easy placement. Individually wrapped, disposable. Plastic, free ofContains no lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.sugar or medicine substance. Dishwasher-safeBlue58 "W x 5"LMixed colorsNot made with natural#83351$9.75 earubber latex California residents, see left page.#82273STANDARD, 40/pk$27.75 pk#82274STANDARD, 5 pk/cs$111.00 csCalifornia residents, see left page.25'