b'Dysphagia Feeding AidsACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGStraws n Allows measured quantityn Helps preventThe Feeding Assistantfor those who need to eat thickened or pured food. Best aspiration or choking alternative to syringe feeding. Allows measured SafeStraw Reusablequantity. Soft rubber nozzle. Includes cleaning straw holder assists withbrush. Not made with natural rubber latex.oral motor control of liquidHolds 8 oz.PlasticDishwasher-safeClear bolus by using a small fluid#82320FEEDING ASSISTANT$91.00 ea chamber with a one-way#82320022/cs$159.75 cs ($79.88 ea)valve and a float to #80861REPL. NOZZLE, 2/pk$43.41 pk ($21.71 ea)regulate how much fluid is sucked through the strawCalifornia residents, see below.at once, helping to prevent aspiration or choking. Once suck is stopped,Thickenersfloat sinks to the bottomFluid chamber with one-and is ready to deliver moreway valve and "float"n liquid.Includes 12 single- controls liquid Won\'t lump or change taste or use drinking straws (or use with any 1/4" drinkingappearance of foodstraw). Fits a variety of drinking containers such asDiafoods Thick-ItA low-sodium, cornstarch-cups and bottles. Use thin White SafeStraw withbased powder used to alter food and liquid thin liquids and thick Blue SafeStraw with nectar- consistency for clients with dysphagia. Dissolves thickened fluids. 12/bx. instantly. Won\'t lump, change taste or appearance Reusable with single-client useDishwasher-safe of food, or bind water or fluids. Original Thick-#83007WHITE$132.04 bx It provides moderate thickening. Thick-It 2 is a double-thickening formula that is concentrated so #83008BLUE$132.04 bx less can be used, resulting in fewer calories and #830096 WHITE/6 BLUE$132.04 bxcarbs. Better for diabetics or weight control. 12/cs.California residents, see below. 10-oz. cansGluten-free#8815ORIGINAL$135.75 cs ($11.31 ea)#80173THICK-IT 2$226.75 cs ($18.90 ea)California residents, see left page.n Starch-freeThick & Easy Transparent, tasteless, and easily dissolves in beverages for clear and appetizing-looking foods and drinks. Remains at FAX800.437.2966the appropriate consistency during consumption n Bendable, cut to length and is not dependent on the temperature of the beverage. Contains NO CORNSTARCH. Easy-to-Reusable Drinking StrawsPolyethyleneuse directions included. Available in 8-oz. Cans or straws are exible. Plexiglas straws bend with aindividual serving Packets.heat gun. Cut to desired length.8-OZ. CAN, 12/CS 18"LAliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610#83467THICK & EASY$95.00 cs ($7.92 ea)#8136POLY, 3 16 " diam., 10/pk$16.25 pkPACKET, 100/CS#8138PLEXIGLAS, 1 4 " diam., 5/pk$19.75 pk #83468NECTAR, 4.5 g $50.00 cs ($0.50 ea)California residents, see left page. #83469HONEY, 6.5 g$50.00 cs ($0.50 ea)California residents, see left page.nSingle-use packages Improved! NectarSimplyThick EasyMix Gel ThickenersImproved gel makes thickening beverages easy and simplejust add to hot or cold beverages and stir with a spoon. No clumpingalways the same consistency. Adds no taste. n Secure sipping Nectar comes in 0.2 oz. packetsHoney comes in 0.4 oz. packetsMix with 4 oz. of liquidNot for use with infantsStraw Clips help secure straw to cup. 12/pk. #83423NECTAR, 200/cs$93.00 cs ($0.47 ea)#82472$14.75 pk #83424HONEY, 100/cs$88.75 cs ($0.89 ea)California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Honey 93'