b'COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURY Brain Injury AssessmentScales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury (SCATBI), Brenda B. Adamovich and Jennifer HendersonA battery of subtests toassess cognitive and linguistic abilities of clients with head injuries. Five subtests can be admini stered individually or together in 10 to 45 minutes. Includes perception/discrimination, orientation, organization, recall, and reasoning subtests that progress in difficulty to very high levels and allow clients to be measured with the same instrument as they regain the useof higher-level abilities. Contains: examiners manual, stimulus manual, stimulus card set, stimulusaudio cassette, 25 record forms, c arrying case#80168SCATBI KIT$477.75 kit#80169ADDITIONAL RECORDFORMS, 25/pk$99.75 pkCalifornia residents, see below.DLOTCA Dynamic Cognitive Battery and DLOTCA-G Lowenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, IsraelThese kits provide reliable, valid, and predictable information that can help assess clients cognitive or social level, chart a course of treatment, and track changes over time. They incorporate a dynamic component that provides measuring of learning potential and recognizing thinking strategies, and identifies the level of awareness of a client and the condition and cognitive disability. DLOTCA was validated with clients 18-69 years and contains 28 subtests in seven cognitive areas: orientation, awareness, visualThe Mild Traumatic Brain Injury perception, spatial perception, praxis,Workbook, Douglas J. MasonFast, effective FAX800.437.2966 visuomotor construction, and thinkingstrategies for recovery from mild TBI injuries. operations. DLOTCA-G is for clientsHelps regain cognitive function and overcome over 70 (see detailed description, p. 47). emotional pain. Assists in:Contains: manual, scoring forms, manipulativesRecognizing symptoms in carrying caseAssessing damage #82971DLOTCA$387.37 kitMeasuring severity#82972DLOTCA-G$402.66 kit Setting goals800.225.2610AliMed.com/speechCalifornia residents, see below.Managing medical care Dealing with depression and anxiety Brief Test of Head Injury (BTHI), Nancy Helm- Exercises help recover brain function, improve Estabrooks and Gillian HotzAssesses clientsmemory, increase attention span, cope with with severe head trauma in 20-30 minutes atdepression and anxiety, and regain self-esteem. bedside. Quickly probes cognitive,linguistic, andThese exercises have been tested by more than communicative abilities. Great first assessmenta hundred clients and each is designed to treat post-coma because it is brief and efficient anda very specific region of the brain. These include can be administered in multiple short sessions.attention, memory, cognitive communication, Sensitive to small performance changes visuospatial processing with answer index for each useful for tracking recovery patterns duringexercise and puzzle. Can be used by therapists, spontaneous recovery. Both gestural andfamily members, and even the client. verbal responses recorded.175 pages, softcoverContains: examiners manual, stimulus card set,#83127$24.75 eamanipulatives set, 25 record forms, carrying case California residents, see below.#80218BTHI COMPLETE KIT$308.00 kit#80219ADDITIONAL RECORD FORMS, 25/pk$95.75 pk California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 28 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'