b'Cognitive Remediation COGNITIVE REHAB/BRAIN INJURYJust for Adults Each book in this series addresses an integral component of daily communication and reasoning in a format just right for adults with language and cognitive disorders.Adult clients improve attention, mental manipulation of information, and comprehension with one-page language lessons that progress in difficulty. A screening tool in each book helps identify the clients use of reasoning strategies prior to designing therapy sessions. The content is basic to moderate difficulty level and reflects a wide variety of language needs for everyday functioning. Each book targets a different language skill area with appropriate content and reading levels for adults with acquired communication disorders. The six-book set contains: Abstract Categories to categorize intangibleFollowing Directions to address the underlyingYes/No Questions to progress from easy to qualities and characteristics with tasks in selectingforms and processes for understanding directionsdifficult levels of yes/no question comprehension category names and members. by practicing simple to complex variations in bodyincluding item comparisons, before and after Concrete Categories to understand andpart commands, written directions, and directionsquestions, and questions with and without categorize things that are definite and tangible withwith picture and numbers. pictures.tasks in selecting category names and members. Word Relationships to access word repertoireContains: Six 40-page books, each with screening tool,Deductions to improve verbal, written, andby recalling words as opposites, synonyms, andanswer keyfigural deductive reasoning and inferencing byin analogies; and by recognizing multiple meaning#83156$117.75 setanswering if/then, what, and who questions andwords. California residents, see left page.completing language- and picture-based deduction activities.FAX800.437.2966 AliMed.com/speech 800.225.2610Cognitive Communication FunctionalCognition Functional RehabilitationTreating Cognitive-Communication Activities Manual, Kathryn KilpatrickFilledActivities Manual, Barbara MessengerDisorders in Adults, Naomi Gurevichwith 71 activities designed to enhance cognitiveand Niki ZiarnekThis brain injury rehabilitationComprehensive resource for treating adults communicative skills, this manual providesmanual with functional activities on cognition wasdiagnosed with acquired neurogenic disorders for cognitive language-based problem-solvingdeveloped for brain injury programs and personscognitive-communication, language, and speech activities to expand basic cognitive communicationwith disabilities. Over 70 activities on memory,deficits. Contains 75 paired photos (150 total) and skills to more complex levels. Three segmentsattention, orientation, awareness, problem- manual with in-depth instructions for a wide range address word-finding skills, comprehension,solving, communication, money management,of age-appropriate intervention activities that are and reading. These activities are for adults withand community safety are designed for easyversatile and flexible. Includes sample short- and acquired brain injuries, such as traumatic braininstruction and implementation. This manual canlong-term goals and advice on how to document injury, stroke, tumor, or dementia. The activitiesalso be used for persons with a wide range ofeach activity, relying on conceptual frameworks can be used by individuals who are in high school,developmental or neurological impairments.and treatment approaches. All use photos and are who have returned from the military, or who have80 pages, softcover not tied to any one language. Manual includes an developed cognitive-based language challengesindex of goals and an index of disorders with two from any type of brain trauma. Also helpful for#83030$48.75 ea appendices, one addressing goal writing and one persons with age-related memory loss and mildCalifornia residents, see left page. containing client-education handouts.cognitive impairments.Contains: 150 cards, manual150 pages, softcover #83455$110.00 ea#83031$71.00 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. 37'